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ObGyn/Pregnancy issues/36 weeks with Painful Burning on the top of my belly


I am almost 37 weeks and starting yesterday, I have been feeling a burning sensation across the top of my belly and it is painful.  I thought maybe taking some tums would help.  I assumed they helped temporarily.  But, during the night last night, it woke me and now I can't go back to sleep because they keep happening.  I am also starting to feel some cramping in my lower back again and it is kind of spreading upwards.  This is my fourth child and I am not quite sure how it feels to go into labor because I have been induced or had a c section.

These pains you are experiencing sound like the onset of labor. In your 36th week, any abdominal and/or back pains warrant a trip to your OB or the ER to rule out labor. This is crucial if you have had a C-Section due to the risk of uterine rupture especially going into labor early.

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