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Recently turned 35 had a miscarriage sept 12- empty gestional sac at 10 weeks and just found out yesterday it's happening again LMP 4/3/13 -  gestional age est at 10 weeks again and no embryo just empty sac:( so question is what would be my next step.  What type of diagnostic test should I ask about to find out what's causing this before my biological clock just quits ticking.

Are 2 Miscarriages the Same?
No, they are too far apart--one in September and the other in April. The sac would have most likely passed or been reabsorbed by now.

Obgyn Utah County's Possible Diagnosis:
Unfortunately you may have "Recurrent Pregnancy Loss" (RPL) and the possible solutions are very difficult to explain in brief. However, I did just write a brief article on RPL titled "Miscarriage Information For Women in Utah County". In it I talk about how genes and age can be factors, and that something as simple as an aspirin can have a significant increased rate of live births.
-Dr. Mark T. Saunders

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