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QUESTION: Hello there, so I actually have two questions. First things first, My fiancé and I are extremely sexually active, my last period was May 21. However, I only spotted. It lasted for about 5 days approximately but it was all brown/ dark blood and super super light "period". On cycle day 10 I started experiencing minor cramps, and each day it seemed to increase in pain little by little. On cycle day 16, the cramps had become so bad that it hurt to walk. I took some pain medication and in about two hours the pain went away completely until today (cycle day 21). Now, I'm having extremely mild cramps. My period isn't suppose to start until June 20th (8 more days). Typically I do not get any sort of cramping prior to my periods. My cramps only start the day of my period, MAYBE the day before. We did have sex multiple times during this month and last. Now with all this cramping I did not bleed one bit... Not even a spot. So it concerns me. I know its a good possibility I'm pregnant so how typical is it for cramping to be a sign of pregnancy? What could have cause the cramping to become that painful?

My second question is- My fiancé and I typically use the withdraw (pull out) method. Well this past month/ cycle, instead of pulling out what he is doing is (TMI alert) right as he know he's about to cum he grabs the base of his penis; leaving his penis still in me allowing me to orgasim as well. Then he pulls out and let's his cum out. I know the withdraw method isnt exactly the smartest "birth control" method but my question is, is grabbing the base of the penis less effective then pulling out? Or just as equal.

ANSWER: Hi Amber,
You really should not have cramping even if you were pregnant as it takes 5-6 days from conception  to implant in the lining of the uterus. Do you have a history of endometriosis? It really should not have to do with an early pregnancy unless your dates are off. Are you wanting to conceive? If so I wish you the best of luck.
-Dr. Mark T. Saunders

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No, I wouldn't say we are trying to conceive we are just not preventing. I clicked on Endometriosis to read up on it, I don't think I have that. I would say I am a very fertile person and I have a 5 month old daughter. Also, in the past I've, even before I had my daughter, never have had bad menstraul cramps or heavy periods. After I had my daughter I breast fed her up until about 4 months of age. I started getting my period in february. However, they have been a little of so to speak. They keep coming at least somewhere between two to three weeks late. So I think I'm irregular for the time being cause before my daughter I was a very regular person. I personally think my cycles are off, but I did take a pregnancy test yesterday evening (6 days before my "expected" period) and it came out negative. I did notice I got the same bad cramping back in march and still got my period but it was two weeks late. I don't understand why else I'd have this cramping though. :/ it's so confusing.

Dear Amber,

Without an examination, I'm not able to know for sure why you are cramping and with so much pain. However, fully 1/3rd of all the laparoscopies performed for pain do not find any pathology to explain the pain people have. If you do not conceive soon, (and I hope you do) and continue with the pain, then perhaps a laparoscopy may be in order to try to delineate better your reason for the pain.

Feel free to click on the links to read some of my articles and blog posts about trying to conceive and laparoscopy.

Best of luck to you!

Dr. Mark T Saunders

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