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I am a 36 year old woman, I have 3 kids. I had surgery for fibroid a year before I had my third kid. I had a healthy pregnancy and my due date was set for Feb. 14 2009. exactly Feb. 14, I started having cramps and went to see my doctor. I was checked and told that it was a false alarm and that I should return home and come back only when the cramps are stronger and repeated. I waited another three days, by this time I could feel contractions much stronger and I could feel the baby pushing on my bladder. On the Feb 18, my husband took me back to the doctor. at this point it was very uncomfortable for me. my doctor informed me that my cervix wasn't dilating and he advised that I remain in the hospital so that he could monitor me. I didn't was a C-section or a forced cervix. I stayed in the hospital for four days with the contractions becoming stronger and stronger. On feb 23, my doctor decided to do a C-section because there was no hope of my cervix dilating. My question here is, I want to have another baby, is this situation likely to occur since it happen the first time? Are there risks in delivery if I get pregnant now? If my cervix don't dilate like the first time, then it means I would be going under the knife for the third time. is that safe?"

Because you have now had 2 c-sections and a myomectomy (having your fibroid removed) almost all OB/GYN's would perform the rest of your deliveries via c-section; a VBAC would almost be out of the question.

However, I have many patients who have had 5 or 6 c-sections without difficulty, although the more you have the more likely to have placenta acretta and other complications.

-Dr. Saunders

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