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Dear Dr. Kandeel,

My wife has been showing the following symptoms pre- and postnatally, and we are wondering if they could somehow be related:
- difficulty getting pregnant (took about 3 years - my sperm count/quality was ruled out as a factor)
- placental abruption
- placenta had to be removed manually after birth most likely due to placenta accreta
- mysterious skin boils/infections on her upper inner thighs during and after pregnancy (the last one is still slowly healing, 12 weeks after giving birth)
- breast milk supply not at 100% yet (about 90% after 2 months of pumping and taking domperidone)

Our daughter was born healthy, however at 42 weeks (without induction) with a birthweight of 3750g. She is developing normally.

After doing some research, it seems that hypothyroidism could explain at least some of the symptoms. However, none of the health practitioners my wife has encountered since birth have ever raised this possibility (though we might have dealt with less than perfect experts).

We are thinking about getting some hormonal testing done.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


The symptoms you mentioned can occur with a variety of disorders and not specific to hypothyroidis. Manual removal of the placenta have nothing to do with hypothyroidism. Recurrent boils can be due to diabetes especially if there is a family hitory of it. Any tests for diabetes carried out?

I suggest she consults an internist.

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