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Hi, so in a couple of days I have an ultrasound. They are looking for endometriosis. I STRONGLY believe that I have it, because I have all of the symptoms and it runs in my family. But, I know there's still a possibility that I do not. JUST IN CASE, I have a couple questions. MY great-aunt could not have children because of her condition. If I have it, and I have it to where I can't have children, what exactly does that mean? More specifically, does it mean that I can't have kids at all,or I just can't CARRY a baby?
Another question. Depending on what they find during the ultrasound, I should be getting the Mirena IUD within a couple of weeks. I am not a virgin, but I've never had children, so I am prepared for the insertion to hurt. With sex being painful (from the endometriosis), would the insertion hurt even worse than usual, without endo.?


Endometriosis may cause infertility, and may not, depending on the site and severity of affection. Mild and moderate cases can be corrected by laparoscopic surgery. Severe cases may benefit from assisted reproductive technologies if surgery proves ineffective. Having a baby with endometriosis is now a possibility.
The IUD should be inserted after menstruation. At that time the cervix is dilated and the IUD can be inserted more easily than any time else. The associated pain, if any, should be mild. Sometimes anesthesia may be used in apprehensive and scared patients.

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