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Kate\'s BBT Chart
Kate's BBT Chart  
Good evening Mohamed.

I began charting my BBT in January, but I'm not really sure what its trying to tell me.

CD1 was the 3rd of Jan, and as my periods have been increasing in length since last august, my doc performed a progesterone test a week after the time she thought I ovulated. When I asked for the results, she told me they had been low for after ovulation- that the 'spike' was absent.

I've experienced mittleschmirtz on the 17th Jan, spotting on the 30th Jan, muscular aches and pains in my rear/back of thighs area and a general feeling of off. That combined with dizziness when lying down the other night has me worried! I've done several pregnancy tests already, but they have all come back negative.
(though with my last baby I was 7 weeks pregnant before hcg levels were high enough.)

Can you help me understand what it is my chart is trying to tell me? I was due (on an average calculator of 36 day cycle- my longest being 40 and my shortest 31) for my period on the 8th Feb. It has not turned up, despite all the cramps under the sun!

Thank you for your time :)


The BBT tells when ovulation occurs as there is usually a rise of about 0.3 Degree Centigrade. Definitely the determination of progesterone level in blood is more accurae than BBT. The level clearly indicates whether ovulation and progesterone level is OK or progesterone is low and needs induction, or if there is anovulation.

Levels of hCG are not reliable in determining the pregnancy age.

If the spotting you experienced occurs at the time you were expecting your menstruation and this was accompanied with the dizziness on lying down, I would recommend a pelvic ultrasound to exclude the possibility of an ectopic preggnancy,

Good Luck

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