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I have had painful cramping during periods for a couple years. Two months ago, I had a miscarriage. After Cytotec not working, I had a D&C.  I ended up with really sharp pains (so bad that I ended up in the ER because I couldn't stand up).  Since the D&C, I have had two periods and the pain during them has been horrible.  It's not cramping - it's sharp pains that feel like I just had surgery and can't stand up all the way. Is this likely related to the miscarriage? Everything looked clear on my follow-up appointments after hte miscarriage.  Any ideas what might be causing such bad pains?


This complaint is unusal after miscarrige. My advise is to have pelvic ultrasound. if this have been already done and no abnormal finding found, a hysteroscope may be useful tool to make a proper diagnosis. This is an endoscope that examines the interior of the uterine cavity for possible lesions or trauma after the D & C.

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