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I want to thank you first off for taking the time to answer my question.
I had my first miscarriage with my first child last Wednesday. Its been a very difficult emotionally and physically time since my husband and I have been trying for him for 3 years. I was 6 weeks pregnant when we lost him.
So now I'm determine to getting my life and body back in order and try and have a normal life again. I really want to start working out again but I don't want to injury my body anymore than it already is.  I know I can't go full out workout (Weights and cardio training) but what can I do now that is safe for my body?
Currently I'm lightly bleeding still, no cramps since Saturday and I do get light lower back pain if I'm walking to long (1 1/2-2 hours or so). I know I can swim due to possible infection as well.
I just want to feel normal again, before I got pregnant..

Thank you again for the advice!

You can do fitness walking and other types of non/low impact aerobic activities such as stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, and hiking. Stay in a zone at or below what you perceive to be "somewhat difficult." Restorative and non-challenging yoga would be safe too.
Once your bleeding has stopped, you can resume your regular workouts.
Consider your psychological needs when choosing fitness activities as an interesting correlation exists between what the activity provides physically, and the psychological benefits it provides.
If you need centering right now, choose yoga or meditation.
Strength: choose weightlifting.
Social interaction: group fitness.
Self expression: dance classes.
Solitude: jogging or swimming.
Take heart knowing that exercise has no correlation with miscarriage, with the exception of very high impact/high volume/high intensity workouts, such as running more than 25 miles per week, which slightly increases the rate of miscarriage.
You will feel "normal" again soon.  

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