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Hello, I'm 27 weeks pregnant and today I was hanging curtains, and now I'm feeling pain in my lover abdonmen. I feel like the baby is pushing down, i feel pain when i walk sometimes it is sharp pain in the middle of the abdonmen or on right side. I don't feel pain when I'm laying down. I feel that the baby is moving could i hurt him with that? Will the pain go away or should i call my doctor? Thank you for your time.

At 27 weeks, it is most likely that you are experiencing what is called round ligament pain. This can certainly be uncomfortable, however it is not typically very worrisome. Typically round ligament pain can be eased off by taking Tylenol and a warm, not hot, bath. Should it continue despite your efforts in attempting to alleviate it, that may warrant a call to your physician. Most activities that are normal for you will not harm the baby, within reason. Hanging curtains, doing housework or even tasks that your usual job requires are usually ok to continue doing unless your physician feels that you shouldn't. I always suggest contacting your OB/GYN and informing them of any concerns. They know your history and are trained medical doctors with vast knowledge of any complications you may encounter. I wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy!

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