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Hello dr ,i am.28 yrs pregant woman with 28 weeks pregnancy . Today i did my echo all things are fine except that the ultrasound dr told me that i have excess aminiotic fluid estimated by  afi=20.3cm .my last result was at 19 weeks of 15 cm . I dint understand .i have no risks , not edematoys my gained  weight since peegnancy is 7 kg .i have glycemua level of 95 mg /dl . Yet i dint see the it serous problem in your opinion , should i be worry . ... thank you in.advance

Excess amniotic fluid, polyhydramnios, can occur for many reasons and is not very uncommon. A normal measurement for the third trimester is between 5 and 25cm. A total of more than 25cm is considered high. This may indicate some fetal abnormalities depending upon the amount of fluid that is present.

This can be indicative of gestational diabetes, genetic disorders such as down syndrome etc.

Rarely, a baby may have a medical issue or birth defect that causes them to stop swallowing fluid while their kidneys continue to produce more. This can include any medical condition that makes it hard for him to swallow, such as pyloric stenosis, a cleft lip, or some kind of blockage in the GI tract. Neurological problems, such as with a neural tube defect or hydrocephaly, can keep the baby from swallowing too.

Excess levels of fluid can indicate several things. Your doctor will likely monitor your levels because they are close to the high end of normal. I do not believe that a 20cm measurement of amniotic fluid is something to be concerned about right now sweetheart. Your doctor will likely do more frequent prenatal visits than normal with ultrasound to monitor your progress and keep an eye on fluid levels. I believe it will be just fine. Although you may be measuring a little on the higher side of normal, you are still within the normal range and that is very important to know. I wish you the best of luck! Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me further.  

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