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Hello - I am 16 weeks pregnant. During my first prenatal exam, I had a breast exam and the OB found a multilobular mass that she wanted me to get checked. I went to the breast surgeon and she wants to take it out. I asked about anesthesia when pregnant and she said it was safe. She spoke with the OB as well and the OB said it was safe as well. They plan on local with IV sedation (twilight).

Is this a safe approach, granted that local isn't enough because of where the mass is?  I am terrified of sedation if it's considered unsafe for the baby. I assume the minimal will be used, but still want your opinion. I am persisting on local + light sedation if needed (not moderate, not heavy, not general). I am asking if this is an approach that should be taken.

Any info and advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

As with any medication or procedure administered or performed during pregnancy, it is typically avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. This is a blanket approach to maintain the safety of both mom and baby during pregnancy. Studies show that anesthesia can be very safe with OB guidance. Your physician will likely collaborate with your OB to plan the safest medical approach for you and the baby. It is important to get this mass removed before you have your baby. You will need your breast to heal because milk will come in whether you plan on breastfeeding or not. You will greatly benefit from being healed before this happens to minimize pain and/or complications. Many pregnant women have had anesthesia administered during pregnancy successfully, in fact most do just fine with minimal complications such as hypotension  (low blood pressure). I personally had to undergo general during my emergency C-section when I abrupted and I have one happy and healthy toddler as a result. Trust in your doctors darlin, they will do everything they can do to ensure the safety and good health of you and your baby. I wish you the absolute best luck!  

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