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ObGyn/Pregnancy issues/Pregnant with no HCG detected possible??


Lily wrote at 2008-09-28 17:39:13
My mother had four children and never once had a positive pregnancy test.  With me (her third child), she knew she was pregnant and could not convince a doctor to administer prenatal care because "she wasn't pregnant".  Finally to humor her and my father he did an ultrasound and found out she was six months pregnant.  He acted liked nothing was out of the ordinary and didn't even apologize!  Now I too, am pregnant (16 weeks)  and still don't have a postive test.

lifetraveler wrote at 2008-10-20 04:52:05
This answer is not accurate. There are uncommon cases where a woman has been pregnant but never tests positive on an hpt. I have a friend who never tested positive on an hpt, even in her 6th month, and now her daughter is 7 years old. Sometimes, some women do not produce enough hcg to be detectable in their urine.

rachael wrote at 2008-10-29 12:16:53

I am pregnant and i have 0 hcg and have had since the beginning of my pregnancy, Icouldnt persuade the doctor to give me any antenatal care so i went to a private clinic for a scan and found i am 7months gone!! so i dont have a clue how but no hcg = pregnant!!


Katie wrote at 2009-02-12 08:05:21
I wouldn't be so hasty with going on Provera. Two of my friends both had children without ever having a positive pregnancy test until after they were 4 months along. Their doctors kept telling them they weren't pregnant even though they stopped having periods and had all the other symptoms. It wasnt until they were SHOWING that the docs finally believed them and did a sonogram to confirm.

Jannra wrote at 2009-08-19 14:56:07
I have a friend who is confirmed 25 weeks pregnant [ultrasound], who feel normal fetal movement [detectable by herself and others] and whose urine AND blood tests for hCG have been coming back negative since day one and still do

cachelle84 wrote at 2009-11-23 22:39:00
I have two boys and neither child showed positive on a pregnancy test for several weeks.  If I go back and look at dates with each child it was a min of 5 weeks for a positive result on a pregnancy test.  I would want to be checked if I was you.

jasmine wrote at 2010-05-06 04:01:32
you could b pregnant i am like that my hcg levels are extremely low less than 2 and im 24 weeks into my pregnancy and my ultrasound showed a healthy baby.....i also just found out i was because of all the negative results

julie wrote at 2010-11-20 03:41:53
I'm thankful I found this information!  I am 19 days late and have experienced pregnancy symptoms. Although my symptoms Come and go I still believe that I am. I've tested negative on blood and urine test as well. I'm always on time for my period.I have another appointment in two weeks for a ultrasound and if I am pregnant I should be 9 weeks by then. I'm trying to remain hopeful but I will give God the glory either way. I have one son and am thankful for him. .. I would love to have him a sibling. My husband and I thank you for posting your experiences. God bless!

ash<3 wrote at 2011-01-25 00:25:22
no that is not ture you can still be pregnant, my mom and my sister and even myself have been pregnant and never had a positive pregnancy hcg test.

mystique1772 wrote at 2011-03-22 02:32:34
I am going through the same thing right now.I have done lots of reading and its nice to know I am not alone.I hav gotten 3 neg hpt and if my calculations are right i am 11 weeks. My breast are a cup bigger,my belly is growing and I hav 12 out of 16 preg symtoms.I hav a dr appt in 2 weeks.these post have been very helpful.thankx.  

Vanessa wrote at 2011-04-08 00:57:45
My mom never showed up on pregnancy tests until she was almost 3 1/2 it def is possible.

momover40 wrote at 2011-12-29 21:20:26
I am SO GLAD to find this site. I've been scouring the internet. I have been gaining weight, having major heartburn and feel what I SWEAR is fetal movement.  I had a VERY FAINT positive on a HPT went to Dr. and blood test came back negative. I am pre-menopausal and have not had a period for over a year so I thought maybe my hormones are going crazy.  But the MOVEMENT I swear there is always movement and its not gas, if it were it would have to come out.  This is rolling and kicking. I have 2 grown children. I know that feeling.  Now I have to go ask for a referral for a sonogram. THANK GOD I'M NOT NUTS!!!

arr wrote at 2012-05-04 18:02:12
a doctor said that when you are beyond three months pregnant, level of HCG will begin to drop and therefore not detected by HCG test.

jayzgirl wrote at 2012-09-06 05:47:43
well my husband and i have gone and done 4 urine tests and 2 blood tests doctors keep saying were not pregnant but, stomach keeps growing, have had every pregnancy symptom in the book we are getting an ultrasound done this month because we both feel fetal movement all the time, the last doctor we went to looked at us like we were crazy when we told him we are pretty sure we are pregnant due to fetal movement, he said well urine and blood said no, so your not! well,lets hope and pray we are about to prove this guy wrong.

tt Johnson wrote at 2012-09-16 03:33:12
Im having the same problems anyone from Mississippi or close by because I cant find a doctor yo give me a ultrasound.

amy wrote at 2012-10-31 00:36:19
I had 3 urine tests at my doctors office, all came back negative over 2 months. The 4th test came back positive at 3 months... she did an ultrasound and found I was just over 12 weeks! I had a healthy baby boy. Now I am ttc with my second and SWEAR I am pregnant and keep getting negative tests. But I know bwtter than to let down hope... my son PROVED that :)

sugmini wrote at 2012-11-10 09:46:17
hi i am having all the pregnancy symptoms from august like nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, sore breasts,strange cravings. but all my urine hcg report is showing negative since now. even my ultrasound showed nothing inside my womb in september . i had 2 times strange periods from august one on 24 sep and other on 8 nov which only stayed for 2-3 days.i know there nothing confirmed medically but my instinct is telling me yes there is someone inside. my belly also started growing from last few days. i am a mother of 7 yrs old in my last pregnancy i never done urine exam, doctor confirmed it only by physical check up after 3.5 months. i just want to know it is possible to not detect pregnancy in u/s and urine test and with periods. can i'll be pregnant ?

Ree wrote at 2012-11-17 07:47:13
Hi I had negative blood test when I was 9 weeks late, was sensitive to smells & felt sick when hungry until 12 weeks late, been having movements since 15 weeks late. 18 weeks late had another blood test my HCG is 5. After reading this I am going for ultrasound lol not crazy after all

Lolita wrote at 2012-11-30 03:40:11
I am soglad tohear that iam not the onlyone. It has been since july that i had my last period. I havehadso many of the symptoms!  I've taken several hpt's and have all been negative. My belly has grown quite a bit. I am calling tomorrow to see about a blood test. If eventhat is negative iwill schedual a ultrasound. So glad i'm not alone!

jadels wrote at 2012-12-04 08:03:42
im with you all,but i keep getting faint hpt but have had 2blood tests now saying i have 2ml which is negative.i would say im about 6wks pregnant and boobs only starting getting sore 4days ago,going to demand a scan when i see doc tomoz...

AmAndA wrote at 2012-12-18 06:20:35
When my mother was younger she was told she wouldn't be able to conceive, she was over two months pregnant and had a blood test to confirm she was since the urine was negative and then again when she was pregnant with me. Now I haven't had a period since Oct, and that one was extremely light, I have done two hpt both negative, then had two urine test at a clinic and one blood test all negative. The doctor refused to do a second blood test because the urine test came back negative and says I would be wasting my time asking for an ultrasound. I swear I'm pregnant just because of all the symptoms and I would just be going into my second trimester soon. So I'm trying to take my mind off of it for now and wait another month before trying again, however I started taking prenatal vitamins just in case.

InGodsHands wrote at 2012-12-20 21:51:37
I have a very unique story to tell! Had a tubal ligation almost 6 years ago and I was on birth control for acne for over a year!Was retaining fluid boobs growing bloated feeling pregnant but thought there was no way?? So I went to the doctor! I am very athletic run all the time but was tired and felt like what ever was going on was compromising my system! Told the doc everything and he said to go home and go for a run that would get rid of the fluid retention help with the bloat.. Changed my birth control to a lower dose and sent me on my way! So I went home ran every other day but was exhausted still retaining fluid and bloating a dull low back ache?? Despite everything I took a pregnancy test negative? Went back to the doc that week and told him something was going on he sent me for an ultra sound the very next day! He thought must be cyst or maybe ovarian cancer? But ultra sound showed a very early pregnancy!! So he sent me for blood and urine pregnancy test! Both came back negative so he said must have been a missed mis carriage? Said I would probably get my period and to bag any matter. Would schedule me for a follow up ultra sound and would then maybe schedule a DC? I still felt pregnant??? Waited for my period.. Had one day of dark spotting and then it stopped carried on! Had a follow up ultra sound assuming to find a baby due to my symptoms! She said she couldn't see anything but a lot of fluid? Said I must have absorbed the pregnancy and should get my period and should also follow up with my doc for a possible DC! I was so confused still felt pregnant and nothing?? The next morning had terrible pain could breath pain was in my back and front and was horrific assuming I was miss carrying went to a different hospital bc roads were bad! The pain stopped about 5 mins from hospital? I felt fine checked mr over told them my story ect they were intrigued no bleeding to imply a miscarriage so they wanted to do another ultra sound and blood work! Had the ultra sound and the tech found everything no extra fluid and the pregnancy is still in progress!!:)) still negative hcg though so they are going to follow via ultra sound 6 weeks 1 day! I believe god has a plan our boys are 7 and 9 and due sometime between July and August! So thankful now for that pain because otherwise they would have wanted to schedule the DC! From now on if I have a gut feeling about an ultra sound I will get a second opinion!  

walkingbyfaith wrote at 2012-12-24 02:52:27
I'm so grateful to hear your story. I'm going thru the same same situation. I had my tubal ligation almost 17 yrs ago and was on the B/C patch for endometriosis. I use to have so much pain when got my period. In October didn't a period, November I discharge brown substance and some blood and December I spot off and on but what scary about spotting I have no pain or smells and know this not my period. My boobs are swelling, I can sleep for hours,my stomach is growing which now feels a little heavy, I spot every now then,I'm ready hungry in midnight hours, I mild cramps every once while and I get so dizzy sometime, I feel flutter movement and lastly I'm start to get acne. Ugh! With all my pregnant symptoms all mpg test say negative. In my heart I know I'm pregnant. This is truly faith walk for me but appreciate the all who has share. This type of thing can make feel crazy.  

Cherneedsadvice wrote at 2012-12-26 01:57:53
Does anyone have advice for me i'm so confused as to what i should do. Went to the ob because i missed my period in Nov. After 2 blood tests and 1 urine everything can back negative. She then ordered an ultrasound. During my ultrasound the tech kept telling me how it was ok to be a single mother and women do it all the time, i didnt need to be married to have a baby because i would be a good mother anyway. I went back to my room and waited for the ob to see me. My ob comes in and tells me that all tests came back negative and i was not pregnant. She said my uterus was completely empty that it looked like i was going thru menopause. Then she was quick to prescribe provera to me and said i had to take it. that way we could start discussing fertility treatments. Well i havent got the pill and  Im now 42 days late no period insight, Im still having pregnancy symptoms too. Im so lost and confused as to how this could happen... The tech saying how its ok to be a single mom and the dr saying we need to discuss fertility treatments any suggestions??

Skyvara88 wrote at 2012-12-31 04:17:59
Hey I would say go get a second opinion befor u start that new meds since the one acted totally different from the doc. I'm 4 wks late now the 60 day on my cycle no sign of AF coming but cramping everyone in a while and it's lower feeling my back hurts my stomach gets nasueas if I don't eat anything and my nipples are crazy one second they feel fine the next they are tingling and hurting. I didn't expect for me to miss my period me and my husband have been trying only 2 months and I'm waiting for af but nope she's not here and igot a neg test last weds and I don't want to take another test to be neg... Tomorrow is New Years and I would like to drink but I'm not cuz I'm scared if I might just be. Had a doc appt last fri but got rescheduled for 2 wks away cuz my OB had an emergency c section so I can't be upset or mad about that but just getting confused and if I don't start by my appt ill be 6 wks LATE! And missed 2 period cuz another one is due by the end of this wk. I have never ever missed a period my whole life from12 to now I'm 24... Blah someone told me to demand an ultra sound but I don't want to sound crazy .... I'm confused :( any of y'all have positives later or start?

Elemental777 wrote at 2013-01-04 02:52:50
I am a mother of four children, all different pregnancies and with various complications. I am nearing 40 and my last official period was 14 September 2012. I concieved on 29th of September give or take a day (last time my partner and I had sex) He had recently had a Vsec and we were being careful...nature finds a way...God still wanted to bless me. A week after intercourse I was rushing to the toilet to vomit, but jsut end up dry retching. 4 days passed missed period I got a feint post hpt. 24 hours later I started bleeding. last 3 days and was nothing compared to my regular period. I am 28 day cycle, ovulate 12-15 days in cycle and I bleed heavy for 6-7 days with lots of pain.

Went to doctors to get answers. Bloods came up 2 hcg count.Sent me away. I was just over 5 weeks. Then preg symptoms with nausea and all came swinging hard. In my frustration I popped into my local hospital and they did a urine test which came back negative and they referred me for a scan. Scan revealed (some was already knowledge to me) severe retroverted uterus, tilted back toward my rectum. Showed traces of conception and womb thickening consistent with almost 6 weeks preg. no gestational sac present...well I saw feint but they couldn't so they said so. Went back to the doctor at near 9 weeks because FELT like pregnancy was progressing. just past nine weeks had another ultrasound. Showed womb thickening in consistent with almost 10 week pregnancy. Womb is now pressing against bowels causing back pain and bowel movements a problem. Returned to doctor who confirmed YES to preg BUT not with sighting so he sent me for another blood hcg count...came back 2. He told me I was in EARLY investigation nothing. I went home, ANNOYED....I feel movements at just past 9 weeks (5th pregnancy I felt 3rd and 4th this early and saw it in scan)

15 weeks 4 days....I have given up on GP's I am monitoring my pregnancy alone. Belly ahs grown, I have good movement and I purchased a Fetal Doppler. Matched up my heart beat with my pulse, and picked up a very quiet rapid beat for baby and everytime baby moves I hear it.I also ahve a bicornuate uterus so I have gathered with the help of a loval nurse I am carrying on my right side only. Very hard to hear anything from the left side, which is also the side inwhich most my pregnancies support placenta. Cervix is very long and closed though monthly I get a odd bleed not always matching to period times but close. I am 16 weeks today and about to start my search for a new doctor as baby should be well and trully visable in scan now and local nurse picked up the movement and beat through hospital doppler. No HCG, 2 feint post hpt's (out of about 18 haha) and yes, I am still pregnant. My mother also had a bicornuate uterus (splits into two so really its like having 2 uterus'. Also severely retroverted (backwards tilted) is hard to detect baby before 9 weeks, most cases will show something but usually need a follow up scan to clarify. Mine was hidden so no visability that was clear. Biocirnuate uterus is harder to detect in ultrasound as its not in the central uterine cavity like a regular positioned pregnancy, and unless you know you have either of these a sonographer who is intent on just proving  will be doing self care with help of local hospital until medical proof or I go into labour. Praying for a GOOD doctor now. I would never have believed it all, but its happening to me :)

kallatiger wrote at 2013-01-31 02:21:23
I received two positive hpt so naturally I made a Dr app. Did tests, all came back negative. Four days later had INTENSE pain so I went to the er. They performed a sonogram found out I was 8 weeks gone. I had my daughter 7 months ago so I was very surprised. Trust your body!

mommyof4 wrote at 2013-01-31 17:35:37
So just wanted to check on updates.... I have not had my period in going on 12 weeks all

Tests were negative...went for a blood test today after bickering with doctors to do just waiting for results.... I didn't show up positive with my 2 youngest boys until 4.5 months.... Hopefully if the blood comes up negative  well they will do a us to find out what's going on in there....might I also mention never besides being pregnant have I gone longer than a week missing my period

shivy wrote at 2013-02-02 16:47:11
im a mother of 3 and i took upteen tests with all mine and they all came back negative i had to get blood tests to find out that i was indeed pregnant with all of mine i always think its a bit weird all my friends take tests  but i cant they just dnt wrk lol

Tarheel girl wrote at 2013-02-05 22:24:23
I am 39 yrs old, was on Depo for 10 years but stopped in 2010. Took several months for my period to come back, but since it did I have been regular every month. I had unprotected sex Dec 6/7 2012...then about 5 days later had light spotting for about a day...I then started becoming unbelievably nauseous, but still very Hungary...breast tenderness, nipples swelling and itching, terrible headaches and terrible hip pain...the list goes on...I definately thought I was pg. so had dr appt already scheduled on Dec 31, and asked him to do a test. It was neg. I thought, ok, wait for Jan period. No bleeding at all. In the meantime, I've gained 10 lbs, boobs larger, lower abdomen hard and distended...I've taken 4 hpts and all neg. Now debating on waiting to see if period starts this mo, or go ahead and see my dr. I'm afraid I might have tested too early with dr for hcg to show, and since I just did hpts maybe waited too long and hcg won't show in urine. Sigh. I do not have children, I'd be a single mom...but would love it if I was pg! On the flip side, I'm scared it's something worse. So, I guess I'll wait another week or so, and if no period shows...then off to dr ill go.

Tarheel girl wrote at 2013-02-05 22:26:08
I am 39 yrs old, was on Depo for 10 years but stopped in 2010. Took several months for my period to come back, but since it did I have been regular every month. I had unprotected sex Dec 6/7 2012...then about 5 days later had light spotting for about a day...I then started becoming unbelievably nauseous, but still very Hungary...breast tenderness, nipples swelling and itching, terrible headaches and terrible hip pain...the list goes on...I definately thought I was pg. so had dr appt already scheduled on Dec 31, and asked him to do a test. It was neg. I thought, ok, wait for Jan period. No bleeding at all. In the meantime, I've gained 10 lbs, boobs larger, lower abdomen hard and distended...I've taken 4 hpts and all neg. Now debating on waiting to see if period starts this mo, or go ahead and see my dr. I'm afraid I might have tested too early with dr for hcg to show, and since I just did hpts maybe waited too long and hcg won't show in urine. Sigh. I do not have children, I'd be a single mom...but would love it if I was pg! On the flip side, I'm scared it's something worse. So, I guess I'll wait another week or so, and if no period shows...then off to dr ill go.

firsttimer08 wrote at 2013-02-12 16:04:03
I am 3 weeks late for my period. The condom broke with my husband when i was ovulating twice. All the home tests say no and 2 blood tests say no but they did not tell me my HCG level. I have constant nausea and have only thrown up 2x. I went back and forth for  a week between being constipated and diarrhea now just constipated. I am so sure i am pregnant. I have a small bump where my uterus is. Also everything inside me tells me i am. IF i am this would be my first.

TaShay wrote at 2013-02-20 00:15:51
I have an experience. My last period was at the beginning if December. Had sex a week before Christmas with my boyfriend. Felt funny five days later. Mid January my period was missing, and I was feeling extremely exhausted and had diarrhea and nausea.Took two test, they were negative. Went to the doctor and took a urine and blood test both were negative. As the weeks progresses I get more symptoms but still negative tests. I feel pregnant, but the negative tests are discouraging.I have almost every symptom you can name. My doctors says its stress and side effect from my depo shot. However I have a hard time believing that when my period started coming on regularly. I'm gaining weight and even my under garments are fitting snug.I dont know what to do but I'm starting to get upset and worried.

chai wrote at 2013-02-21 07:17:42
So I am in the same boat as some of tyall. I haven't missed any periods but I just feel prego. I've had most of the symptoms, but I've had multiple hpts Ms one  test come back negative. However I've had surgery down there, and now IM lost as to what to do.

Bronwyn456 wrote at 2013-02-22 14:11:15
I thought I was going crazy too, I'm in early stages of pregnancy and I know that myself but due to my hcg test coming back negative for blood and urine the doctors are no longer listening to me. I have been told over the last few days that I am not pregnant and never have been by these 'professionals' but I know my body, I just need to be persistent with them because I know what my body is telling me.

Ling wrote at 2013-02-23 03:57:07
I am 25, and my period is late for 16 weeks, I also have two negative hpts and a negative blood test. My periods have always been regular, so this is quite odd.

My doctor insist that I cannot be pregnant even though I have most of the symptoms and my belly is now a big even ball and my belly button has been getting more and more shallow.  

I am not very sure what to do and so will visit another doctor soon (especially if my belly button pops out) and hopefully get an ultrasound to prove to the doctors that I'm not psycho and believing that I am pregnant for no reason

Ms L wrote at 2013-02-23 12:05:45
You are not alone. I am 8 weeks late, all hpts are negative. Had pelvic exam,doctor said feels like about 8 week, uterus enlarged. He ordered blood test, results came back -1 hcg level. He ran more female hormone test along with estrogen and todays results were that they are all normal. I have nausea, lower back pain, my breast have visible veins running from my chest to each breast, hungry all the time, white discharge and simply feel pregnant. Doctor ordered ultrasound to test for fibroids. I am so nervous and dont know what will happen next. Only positive thing is that the test showed that I was not menopausal. There is hope.

Bleigh wrote at 2013-02-28 06:35:58
I'm doing the same thing. I have had all my pregnancy tests come back negative except 1. I got my first ultrasound yesterday 12 weeks and 3 days. They saw nothing! I got for a blood test tomorrow! But I have all the signs except morning sickness... My belly is even hard...  

mommyof4 wrote at 2013-03-01 23:31:27
I am not sure if anybody is still reading this or answering questions, but here is my story and any info or help would be AWESOME... I am a mom of 4 amazing kiddos, and back in November i had an odd period... it was really light and only lasted 3 days, now i am the kind of girl that goes heavy for all 8 days. My periods are also pretty predictable, i am normally always on time at the most i would run about a week maybe a week and a half late, that was normal to me, but after the odd period in November i started having some cramping pain in my abdomen. went to the dr they did a prego test.. NEG, they also did an ultrasound and didnt say anything.... then it was time for December period it never showed i figured it was just due to stress with the holidays.. paid no mind figured it would come like it always does... Then came January... still nothing... so i went back to the dr and they did another urine and blood test.. Neg, they told me to wait until i missed another month then to come back in... so i waited around for Febuary and figure it has to start sometime!!!! Nothing... at this point i was 13 weeks with no period, so i went to see my OB, who then orders a blood test again, my HCG levels came back at 2 she said oh that means your not preggo, i said well something is going on, i am 28 years old and never missed a period unless i was preggo since i got my period at 12.... so she ordered an u/s well i am a military spouse and well our Drs suck at getting things done so they sent me off post to a different hospital to get it done, but due to mix ups my paper work was not turned in finally got it straight and i go next friday for an U/S but that will put me at 17 weeks no period and all neg test....... anybody have any advise for me?? do you think i could be preggo?? i have had all the symptoms and the past few days i have had this weird feeling on the left side of my abdomen honistly feels like something moving... its like pain and pressure until it turns then its like relief and if i can remember from my last son ( over 3 years ago) that is what it felt like when the baby moves.. also i have gained 7 pounds in the past 4 months and it looks like its all in my lower part of my tummy... very oddly placed if it is just fat....  

micheleredhead wrote at 2013-03-02 20:19:41
Everyone has been so helpful. December 15th was my last normal period. We are ttc and in January my usually very normal every 28 day period was 8 days late (ive never been this late). The bleeding was heavy the first two days and then it was spotting for four days with much brown blood. then in february my period was 3 days late with only the first day slightly heavy but more watery, 2nd day was super watery and then for three days after that it was light pink and brown but only when wiping. I am 33 yrs old and my daughter is 13yrs old, so i do not remember much from my first pregnancy. The day before i started the most recent period i got a very faint positive, but all other tests have been negative. I feel like im tired, sick to my stomache, emotional, and bloated, but im afraid im just wanting to be pregnant so bad that i am imagining symptoms. grrr...

nita48 wrote at 2013-03-03 03:23:13
I feel the same way,I had a weird period in january i was bleeding off and on and mild crampy but usually I go heavy the first day and go a little lighter but any way I started to have a quesy stomach and boobs were tender,fatigue,low back ache so I went to the docter because I couldn't remember if I had a period in december because me and my husband had sex on the 29th and then a week later I started feeling that way but the docter took a blood test and it came back negative     and he did and exam and still nothing so I just left alone but I still feel the same and I didn't get my period this month either and my boobs are getting bigger and my nipples are swollen and tender and I have a white discharge and also I have gained a little weight and my stomach is a little bigger,I had a feeling that I was pregant but everybody is so quick to say I am menopausel but I have never felt so different in my life.I have also taken several pregancy test and they have come up negative,the docter I went to before wanted to give me a us but I didn't have the money or insurance to take one so I feel alone because nobody believes how I feel.feeling alone

courtney20 wrote at 2013-03-04 03:08:07
well my period has been regular for the passed year same day or a day off and every month. my boyfriend and i use ull out method we have done this for passed 2 years. I have recently missed my period it will put me around 6 weeks if i am pregnant my urine and blood test have come back negative...i am confused?? i am cramping like i am going to get my period but i havent yet i get headaches and back pain my boobs dont hurt yet but i am eating more and urinating more, i also am gassy. I NEED FEED BACK PLEASE!!!!

coltmccall wrote at 2013-03-05 04:49:29
I gave birth June 28 '12. i had a weird.Jan period, i was like a week late (never am) and swore i.was prego. when my period started i went to drs they did blood and urine. no ultrasound tho. i bleed in Feb, around 20th, and it was light, no clots, not much cramping. (cramping only on left side) which is weird cuz my periods have royally sucked since giving birth. I've been gaining weight, my boobs r bigger, Im lactating from both, my stomach feels heavy, Im gassy and well? and SUPER moody. Recently started getting heartburn too. plus my sex drive is gone. do u guys think Im pregnant or could i just be lactose intolerant ire have celiac disease? i have been swearing to myself Im pregnant but i bled near when my period was due? Idk! insurance from husbands job doesn't kick in til April. Didn't know if maybe since this would be my second pregnancy and.its so soon after my first that maybe my body is just being weird. Idk. what r yalls thoughts?

Ericka Austin wrote at 2013-03-05 10:11:14
I feel like I am in the same boat as most of everyone here. I had my last period 12/30/12-1/4/13. I really didnt think anything of it except for when I really didnt get any hard cramping or anything when af was supposed appear. Today means I am 27 days late fro. My projected period all of my home pregnancy tests read negative and had a blood test today that came back negative as well. I have had so many symptoms. Lower back ache, nausea, constipation, diarrhea,  sore breasts, pressure on lower abdimen.  I really feel like I could be pregnant. I guess I will just wait to see if I miss this next one which is coming in 11 days. After that if I miss this one im not sure what to do.... can stress really make you miss more than one period?

natasha wrote at 2013-03-05 23:09:06
I believe I am pregnant. My period has never been more than a week late before. My LMP was 1/7/13. Every HPT (about 20 total)and 1 blood test says negative. But I just know that I am. The missed period, I'm extremely fatigued, tender breasts, discharge, thirsty constantly, my urination frequency is through the roof.. and yesterday morning, when I was making coffee, the smell of it made me trow up in my mouth (excuse the detail). I have not been under any stress, had change in diet, schedule, or exercise routine.. and there is no reasonable explanation for my missed period or these other symptoms.. other than that I am pregnant. I have an appointment scheduled but not until 4/29/13. If I'm correct, I will be 16 weeks pregnant by then. I've been taking over the counter prenatals, just in case. I guess time will tell.

MichiganMomma wrote at 2013-03-06 11:13:58
I get my blood results back tomorrow. But my hpt have all said negative so far

I got my period in Jan but mid feb a week after ovulation I had brownish pinkish mucus discharge. So i went to my doc and it wasn't an sti or anything.  I am 8 days late for my period and don't know what's going on

I have never missed a period. My doctor felt my uterus and said I possibly felt 5.5 weeks

My period in Jan was on the 25th. I have had lots of prego symptoms like I did with my daughter except for the positive test. I had a lot of hcg and knew right away with her.  

Mia wrote at 2013-03-06 23:26:40
I am currently 18 days late. 3 negative test so far. It's been a few days since I last tested, but tomorrow I go in for a blood test. I had a baby 9 months ago, but my period started 6 weeks post-pardum and has been every 29 days since. I'm having lower back pain, cramping, horrible headaches, nausea, and increase in cm. I didn't even realize I was late till a week after my period was supposed to start, so I didn't create these symptoms in my head... Anyways, hopefully I will have answers soon. My hubby and I would be thrilled if I am pregnant even if we were planning to have our kids 2 years apart.  

Ana wrote at 2013-03-11 11:58:41
Hi I have had 3 home test and all negative, my son is 9 months old and since I gave birth to him it was a whole month before I get my period back and since then all regular and on time. I had my last period 30 December last year to the 6 of Jan 2013 and now it's the 12 of March and I haven't got my period. I have all the pregnancy symptoms nausea, tiredness, cramp, cranky and my stomach looks like a 4moths preggie woman! Not only that but honestly I sometimes felt a butterfly movement in my stomach which scary coz if I'm pregnant isn't it too early?? I have just got back with my hubby from the hospital which they did a blood test,urine test and they both negative! I forgot to say that I am getting breathless easy from just doing housework and talking on the ph as I recall I had this when I was pregnant with my son but the short breath was not till I was atleast 7 months! Now they have done xray scan and they wanted me to go and see my GP latest this week so they can do further test. It makes me sad and worried cos I do not know what is going on in my system since I thought and was hoping that I am due to my growing belly, now all I want to do now is to do sit ups and to maybe go exercise cos it upset me with all the test and the amount of time I spent at the hospital just to be told they all negative!! I don't know what to do now but it would help if anyone out there that had a similar problem like what I am going through right now cos def I feel pregnant :( anyone?? would be a great help.. Thank you much in advance!  

natasha wrote at 2013-03-18 20:41:33
Well... still no AF nor BFP for me. This whole situation is really confusing and frustrating. Got my appt moved up to 4/5/13, so that's only a couple of weeks away. Hopefully, they will give me an u/s without any problems, if I keep testing negative. I have never ever in my life been more than a week late, and now it's almost been 3 months! Would love to hear updates from you ladies.. good or bad  

Kbaby wrote at 2013-03-22 03:18:37
I haven't had a period since dec 21, 12. I feel completely pregnant!!! ( I have a 10 month old son so it is all still fresh in mind) all Hcg tests came back negative, but I still feel that I am pregnant. I have been feeling what I beleive to be fetal movement just in the last couple of days. I know 13 weeks is early but it is just that faint gliding feeling just above my pubic bone. Has anybody found out what was going on with them? Maybe I am just crazy, but I've known people that only confirmed their pregnancy with u/s and never hcg.  

eresia wrote at 2013-03-25 15:49:07
Had my last period on january 29th. Had HSG on 9th february. Haven't had a period since then. Had a light brown discharge on the 26th of february. I'm having cramps in my abdomen on the left side, constipation, gas, lower backpains, fatigue, headaches,nausea sometimes. Did a blood test today& was told it was negative. Could I still be pregnant.  

nossa wrote at 2013-03-28 02:55:30
2 preg tests in the past 2 weeks and both are neg. 1 day late in period but the only reason why i think I might be is b/c I have never had all the symptoms I am now having at once: dizziness, lights headed, nausea, bloated, cant eat a lot if not i feel like i want to throw up and have gone running to the restroom, feel tired, ppl tell me i look weird and tired, i have a little lower bump that i can say i really barely realized. If i am i would of conceived in jan or feb. going to doc tomorrow to see what's going on.  

Pancake wrote at 2013-04-30 09:57:34
Hi. I am 2 weeks late and have done 5 hpt's which have all been negative and I have nausea, tiredness, sore nipples, stomach cramps and increased discharge with a high cervix. My dr's are awful, so cannot go to them, so am just going to wait for either a positive result or period!

Kitcat wrote at 2013-05-09 14:16:19
This is so wonderful to read!!! That grain of hope I was looking for! Iv been pregnant 6 times with 2 live births and 4 miscarriages. When I suddenly got pregnant again I was thrilled but all urine (15 tests!) and blood (3 tests) were negative! My higher hcg was 2 :/ but I went for n independent second opinion ultrasound and sure enough... THAT'S A BABY! I have to find a dr now who doesn't think I'm insane because I would be about 12- 16 weeks along now! The lesson here is doctors don't know everything and they DO miss things! Be forceful with your doctors you always know your body better then someone who doesn't even know you!!

still hoping and praying wrote at 2013-05-10 20:51:35
This is very encouraging.  My husband and I have been trying for a few years no I am 42.  I have been taking clomid 200mg days 5-9 and we did back to back IUI 4 weeks ago.  I am 2 weeks late and I have never been late or missed right after taking clomid always like clock work.  HPT all negative did beta test and it said <1 still no AF or any signs of it.  I don't have PMS symptoms in general but have been having significantly elevated symptoms for the past several weeks including constant cramping, backaches, fatigue, etc.  So this gives me a grain of hope to hold on to.

KC wrote at 2013-05-23 23:01:41
I don't know if this is what i'm going thru or not but Its a great possibility. I haven't have a normal period since February and I have every symptom in the book, nausea, vomiting, breasts sore, stretching in my belly and my belly is definitely noticeable. I would be almost 12 weeks and I have a blood test two weeks ago, doctor says came back with hcg of less than 2. None of my urine tests have been positive but my symptoms are staying strong and i'm showing. I have a pap smear tomorrow and they want to give me birth control but I'm waiting to take it when I know for sure, if I ever do.

DaisyDuck wrote at 2013-07-09 14:46:03
Hi I am confused, I have pregnancy symptoms and would be about 7 weeks if I would get a BFP but I get BFN and have had two period like bleeds 12 days apart but not like my usual periods no pain and tiny clotting and more rust coloured (TMI Sorry), I have recently stopped depo after 2 shots but am not sure that this has contributed to the pregnancy symptoms. I have also been getting mild pains near my belly button and cramps in my ovary region and lower back, my boobs are sore and I get nausea but instead of vomiting get dry heaves followed by diarrhea could I possibly be pg or is it an overactive imagination? I tried to explain this to my Dr who just kept going on about periods and different birth control options, she did do another urine test but it was BFN too. I am starting to feel like I am losing my mind. Has anyone else had something like this? And what was the outcome. Thanks

evelyn wrote at 2013-07-24 11:09:07
If u test came out negative doesnt mean u are not pregnant,mine was 3 negatives after 2weeks positive to God be the glory

trueyummy31 wrote at 2013-07-29 06:05:41
This is true. I was pregnant twice without knowing. My second I was 9-dpo when i had my first very faint bfp which then disappeared until 6 weeks where it showed a faint positive again. My blood test said negative. I gave up on the pregnancy and convinced myself that I was not pregnant. I had a miscarriage where the fetus ended up on the toilet paper. Now I am pregnant again and am not taking no for an answer. I didn't test at 9-dpo but a very faint positive showed up at 6 weeks 2 days. That was my que. I bought a Doppler to help me figure out if I was really pregnant and starting at 6 weeks 6 days I used it and sure enough a fast heart beat of 144-174 was detected. I've been using it every other day now to make sure baby is till there. And it is; I have a private ultrasound set up for next week and I am hoping for the best. I will be at 8 weeks then.

Bellapape0117 wrote at 2013-10-09 12:46:54
I'm in the same boat here!! I haven't had a period since 7-21-13 and I'm on cycle day 81! I have every pregnancy symptom, even after she told me I wasn't pregnant based on my blood and urine tests! I have taking countless hpts and a blood test and all negative. My doctor refused to do an ultrasound and said she would just start me on the Provera. Which I immediately made an appointment with another doctor that agreed that it happens and people get a negative blood test while pregnant. And by my count would be 11 weeks pregnant! I just wish I could have a doctor actually seem concerned because I'm trying to conceive!! I'm just so glad to see all your comments!!!

KC wrote at 2013-11-03 00:00:41
Hey guys, just an update. No change which is sad. I'm now 35 weeks and still haven't tested positive. A have seen doctor after doctor, one said he could feel my uterus and it was high when pressing on my tummy and was sure I had to be pregnant but my urine said no. I've been having cramps, both menstral like and poopy type pains. I can feel movement and I'm huge now. My symptoms never ceased and I talked to a nurse this week who is concerned that I am in fact pregnant so will be seen soon. I had a pelvic and was told my cervix is quite soft also. It's so frustrating but hopefully I can finally get the help I need. My mom had this issue so maybe that's a genetic thing.  

navywife wrote at 2013-11-07 23:20:55
7 negative urine test and 1 negative blood test, i have some of the symptoms. Im glad I've found this site at least I know I am not crazy thinking I am pregnant. I am hoping I am.

Amber wrote at 2013-11-09 14:47:54
With my first i didn't test bfp until 6 wks. I think the same thing is happening again. All the symptoms. Negative blood work and negative hpts. Ultrasound booked for Monday :)  

Helen in staten wrote at 2013-11-12 03:05:55
I am so happy to see everyone's comments. I am only 3 dAys late but still neg results but I have a lot of symptoms dizziness, cramps, cranky, severely fatiged so I hope all best for everyone and I spread baby dust to all

MooresGirl wrote at 2014-01-09 19:13:54
i know this post hasnt been commented on in some months but i just now stumbled on it and before i found this site i thought maybe i was just going crazy or maybe i wanted it so badly that my body was tricking me but this has been going on since almost the end of septemner 2013. my boyfriend is convinced that i am and has even had a number of the sympathy symptoms himself he stayed sick and throwing up for the first week. im still getting periods i guess is the only word for it but they are VERY different VERY light and no cramping at all unil a week or two after and they are just barely there. im having all of the pregnancy signs and now im starting to show my stomach is rounding out im a thick girl but my stomachs always been flat but now its out and its round...if im indeed pregnant i would be 17 weeks today. numerous tests have come back negative docs included, they refuse to do blood work no matter how many times i ask they always result to making me pee in a cup the last time i got so mad i just got up and walked out, i just now got insurance but havent been able to make a doctor appointment but with all the people telling me no and refusing to do anything im scared to even ask for an ultrasound they probably wont give me one without a referal or positive test i wouldnt even know how to ask honestly but i am relieved that i am not the only one going through this, i can even feel little flutters in my stomach sometimes my belly is still soft sometimes its hard and im exhausted one minute and full of energy the next still going to the bathroom like crazy. im just frustrated and dont know what to really do at this point.

tiger wrote at 2014-01-14 09:00:22
Don't take no for an answer.  Your doctor is there to help you.  Politely but firmly insist on an ultrasound. Many women with this same issue use a good quality home Doppler to listen for a baby's heartbeat.  If your doctor refuses to send you for an ultra sound tell him you will take your business elsewhere.  There are private ultrasound clinics.  Go there if you have to. On thing that is common with people who get positive fetal heart beat but not showing on ultrasound Sat they have had tummy tucks and the scar tissue blocks the ultrasound... Also if they have a tilted uterus is can interfere too.  

bigsissam wrote at 2014-06-01 02:26:24
I am having all of the pg symptoms constipation, fluttering, headaches, pee constantly etc... and I even have a few positive hpt but all doctor blood and urine tests have been negative. I know they think I am crazy and they havent examined or ultrasounded me or irritated!

jasmine wrote at 2014-06-17 10:41:46
Omg I am so glad I have come accros this page.  Im one week late on my period and home pregnancy test shows positive while my blood test shows negative.  Im so glad there is hope.  Thanks ladies

Advocate wrote at 2014-08-01 19:19:39
You may want to check out the cryptic pregnancy support on facebook. There are ladies going through this all over the world, with negative blood and urine.  Neo Brown has a story on the motherhood diaries website, where and ultra sound missed her babies--due to scar tissues from previous c-sections and a tummy tuck.  

rebcomad wrote at 2014-08-19 02:25:22
Ladies-please keep updating your posts with your findings.  I am going through the same thing.  I believe that I am 13 weeks.  All tests are negative-blood, urine and both types of sonograms.  I am sharing my story in a blog that I update at least once a week.  If you are interested, it's at

Rey Rey wrote at 2014-10-03 12:52:03
I have been feeling so crazy lately. 4 months without a regular AF. My last bleed was a week ago and it was very light, only lasted 6 hours with a little bit of spotting for the next 8 hours (less than a day). 7 hpts, 2 urine tests at the clinic, 1 blood test (<1 hCG), I had an ultrasound at 8 (or 12 weeks, not sure which month I would have conceived) and although it showed thickened uterine lining and some enlargement, there was no visible sac. They did find a complex cyst on my left ovary (corpus luteum???). I have another one scheduled for 2 weeks from now, which will hopefully show something, I will be 16 (or 20) weeks by then. I have had all symptoms, nausea and dizziness have thankfully subsided quite a bit. And do feel some movement (mostly like the quickening, but occasional kicking-like sensations). My cervix has been high and soft every time I check it, and the cervical discharge is very thick and sticky as it was during my last pregnancy. I have been told in the past that I have a retroverted uterus. My son was not detected by u/s until after 12 weeks, but I did show positive on chemical tests with him. My life has been very stressful the last few years, and particularly during the time I would have conceived this time around. I have read that stress can cause these issues with low/lacking hCG, so it has me wondering.

tf33 wrote at 2014-10-16 19:22:18
So happy to find this forum as I'm going through something quite similar to what I've been reading above!  Last period was June 23rd, 2014.  I have all symptoms of pregnancy, including my belly starting to round out and fetal fluttering/movement. I have 4 children and am quite familiar with my body and what is "normal" for me both pregnant and non-pregnant.   I have tested negative numerous times on urine tests and twice on blood tests. Dr says my hcg is 2 - too low for pregnancy.  Though they have ruled out every other possible reason that my otherwise clockwork regular periods would suddenly cease at the same time we decided to begin trying to conceive. A very quick and badly done u/s at 12 weeks showed nothing except (as the Dr says) a "beautiful uterus".  My partner and I have no doubts we are pregnant and right about at 16 weeks now, but I cannot get any Dr to take my symptoms seriously, they think it's all in my mind!! Though, none will even examine me - they are relying on the negative tests alone to determine I'm imagining all of this.  Very very frustrating, but it makes me feel a bit better to read that so many others are/have experienced something similar.  

tia wrote at 2014-10-20 09:05:36
I think it's best I tell my story in hopes that I can help some one out there. We'll in an April of this year I bleed bad I normally don't have a period so I was shocked that I had one so I thought! Now here it is Oct and I think I'm pregnant I took a test back in Aug and it was a very light positive I continued to take them weekly for about two months and the light never got darker so at this point I've taken another few and again and again light line or nothing at all. I went to the hospital complaining of pain in my tummy they asked was I pregnant. I said no the key to get help at a ER don't make it seem u think ur crazy cus a lot of women what a baby so bad they can trick there body in actin as if it is and then they won't give u a ultra sound.  Becus they give u a urine test anyway and when it show negative that there on to the other maybe factors. I told them I felt as if I had a tumor and that it was causing pain in my lower back and legs and I said that it's a knot in my stomach. They gave me a cat scan which yes I know is a high risk to a baby but I had to see what was going on.after they ran all the test I requested a copy of my cat scan which was on cd got home put it in the pc and long behold a baby face omg!!! I wish I could upload the picture but to those that want to see it look me up on face book under Tia N Cowart and u tell me what u see now I'm faced wit showing my doc to see what's next now in my search I found out that after 5 month some woman hcg is no longer detected some people who is having twins go thru this to Becus the hcg is to high another reason not detected is do to protein in ur urine which is bad for a woman to even have going gone in them. Being full figure also plays a roll to Becus Ur body mass hcg has to go all thur ur body. The bottom line is u know ur body and with all this crazy stuff wit what they putting in our meats and the fast food and stuff pretty soon they my have to change what a pregnancy test looks for(hcg) this happens far to much to not be understanding why this happen but bottom line it does happen and in the end they are putting babies lives on the line while beautiful mother struggle to get answer to protect and save what may truly be a baby great luck!!  

Kerist wrote at 2014-10-25 04:51:55
I am so glad to read all these stories. I have felt so frustrated and lost the last couple of months. My last period was Aug 6th and I've had so many symptoms including morning sickness, boob growth and tenderness, even embarrassingly my husband had noticed major gas, mood swings and about a dozen more symptoms. However all of the HPTs and one blood test has come back negative. The blood test said less than 0.5 hCG. I FEEL pregnant. I went to my doctor and without so much as touching me she declared I was not pregnant based on the HPTs and wouldn't even run a blood test. I am seeing a new doctor in 2 weeks. I should be about 11 weeks now. I am hoping to get an ultra sound to confirm. This had been very trying....and as I keep telling my husband I'm either pregnant out something is wrong. And a doctor should be checking it out...I just don't understand a professional not caring whatsoever.

campbellmom13 wrote at 2014-11-11 00:18:44
Like most women glad to see I am not alone. It's amazing how many people believe that if a blood test and urine test are negative but you know in your head you are pregnant but others think that you must be making your self feel the symptoms. I mean outside of having more cleavage  and that glow I sure don't like feeling sick to my stomach or tired out of my mind. I too am getting negetive tests and my period is late and feeling oh so pregnant. My periods are never late and I don't have any of those "other" reasons for a missed period. My period is horrible and I thought I could will it away, I would. We were not trying and I only feel this way when I am pregnant. Word to the wise don't post questions like this on baby boards, they will tear you up. Most said I was not pregnant and needed to let it go. So thank you for sharing and giving others comfort they are not crazy.  

Ellie wrote at 2014-12-13 00:14:03
Please do not join Neo Browns, pregnantbutnegativetests yahoo group as he stories about her cryptic pregnancy and birth are all lies and have been exposed here.

airrieo wrote at 2015-01-09 17:43:54
I am the same way. I haven't had a period since july2014. I took several home pregnancy test and one urine test at a clinic. Today I am going to the hospital to demand an ultrasound. I have experienced a lot of symptoms last year, boobs swollen, weight gain, slight sickness without puking. Now I am feeling movements and extreme fatigue, tired,back pain, my sister felt movement too, so I know I'm not crazy.  

dbcbdc wrote at 2015-01-17 20:59:34
I am currently feeling some dull aching lower in my belly.  I had a period December 10th.  I have been on the pill, but have screwed them up in the last 3 months.  Haven't taken all of them, or if I started my period because I missed a couple, I would remember and start taking them again.  My period did come on time last time though and nothing abnormal was going on.  Well, now I am late and have all negative tests.  I already have two little girls, and I got to experience BFP's with them early on.  So I am a bit skeptical that I am indeed pregnant, but I still don't understand the no period thing.  Has anyone experienced this?

My symptoms include:


Dull Cramping



High Soft Cervix for almost 2 weeks

Same milky white discharge for those 2 weeks

Veins more prominent in chest area

rellnerica wrote at 2015-01-28 04:43:27
Hi I am 2 weeks late on my period. I feel revert preg symptom nausea tiredness and just the over all preg feel in my belly I have 2 daughters so I know but I haven taken like 8 hcg all neg. Every time I took one with my daughters it would come up positive immediately. So that's y I am most confused. Me and my man really want a baby so I just really want to know. These stories make have hope and thanks so much I will write back to keep u updated. Fingers crossed.

di wrote at 2015-02-11 10:51:39
I am experiencing Pregnancy symptoms really badly sickness dizziness sore breasts itchy nipples fequent urination and my GP is telling me im not pregnant i tested negative in both Urine and blood shes then felt my stomach as was like well u could be pregnant if i am im about 6-8 WEEKS  is this normal to have undetectable HCG levels am i one of those women who never shows hcg  in blood or urine im a bit concerned because i have never been pregnant before and i am showing a little bit  

Kristina wrote at 2015-02-21 21:54:17
I missed my cycle every since October 29 it is now Feb 21. I took a pregnancy test it was negative and then I went to the doctor that was also negative too. I've never got a blood test done because I believed I wasn't pregnant. I feel movement almost everyday and I also get a tight feeling in my stomach. I crave weird things too. I don't know what to do because I've never been in a situation like this before. I gained a lot of weight and my stomach looks like I'm 4 months pregnant my breast also got bigger.  

dlams wrote at 2015-03-07 18:13:47
i was 3weeks late on my periods then took two home pregnant tests that came out positive. later on i went to an ultrasound n it showed that im 6 weeks pregnant. i then decided to start a clinicing on the full 11th week n the nurse did another pregnant test and responded with a positive results but with a faint line n she told me to she wasnt sure if i was pregnant n said i must cum back after two weeks. on that day i culdnt eat, think, or sleep coz i just remembered that i spoted once a week ago, then i decided to go to a private doctor for an ultrasond same day! an the doctor has confimed that im still pregnant, 12weeks n 3 days. a very health baby with a normal heart beatand no abnormalties, i saw my fetus's hands, feet, head n i was so happy. AND WAT I LEARNENT IS WHEN YOU ARE 3months or longer pregnant, the amount of hcg decreases on the urine which makes the line on pregnant test to diminish. all i can say is after 2month, ultrasound is the more accurate........... gudluck guys

dlams wrote at 2015-03-07 18:13:55
i was 3weeks late on my periods then took two home pregnant tests that came out positive. later on i went to an ultrasound n it showed that im 6 weeks pregnant. i then decided to start a clinicing on the full 11th week n the nurse did another pregnant test and responded with a positive results but with a faint line n she told me to she wasnt sure if i was pregnant n said i must cum back after two weeks. on that day i culdnt eat, think, or sleep coz i just remembered that i spoted once a week ago, then i decided to go to a private doctor for an ultrasond same day! an the doctor has confimed that im still pregnant, 12weeks n 3 days. a very health baby with a normal heart beatand no abnormalties, i saw my fetus's hands, feet, head n i was so happy. AND WAT I LEARNENT IS WHEN YOU ARE 3months or longer pregnant, the amount of hcg decreases on the urine which makes the line on pregnant test to diminish. all i can say is after 2month, ultrasound is the more accurate........... gudluck guys

desiboo82 wrote at 2015-03-17 19:21:15

I ttc for two years with my new husband I have 4  kids from previous marriage two of which are twins. My cycles are very regular 28 days give  a day or two thru out the year. But I have never missed a period I have never bled between period either. My last period was Feb 11 lasted two days like always. On March second I had some very light spotting so I put in a tampon thinking my period was early but when I changed it it was clean no blood so I thought maybe implantion bleeded instead. My actual period was due March 12. I took 4 home pregnancy tests all negative. I went ER where they did a blood test which I didn't get results for yet and an ultrasound that showed the lining of my uterus was thickened but no sign of pregnancy. I'm going crazy because no baby but Im cramping like if i was pregnant and nausea no throwing up and headaches.

adriennetinacole wrote at 2015-04-05 09:09:42
To be honest if I was in need of an ultrasound and my doc refused to order one, I would lie and say I was having pain in tummy worried its a cys. Lying isn't the nicest, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.  

Sophia wrote at 2015-04-07 15:02:56
I am so frustrated I went to the doctor this morning to have a blood test done that I specifically scheduled. I am 13 days late which I have never been more than 1 day late in the past. I have taken several pregnancy test and they are all negative. When I get to the doctor she makes me do a urine test which I already explained I have taken multiple and they are all negative. I took it and it was Negative. She basically said you are not pregnant I told her I wanted a blood test done she said I can have one done but it's just going to be negative. I told her I've read situations that people test negative in their urine and positive in their blood test she said that's rare. So I'm guessing that couldn't be me then I don't fall under the rare category..gotta  love doctors. She said there are multiple things that can cause my period to be late and cause me not to ovulate. I told her nothing in my life has changed no extra stress so I'm either pregnant or she needs to help me figure out what's going on with my body for these changes in my menstrual to occur. Let me tell you I live in West Palm Beach,Florida and it is so hard to find a doctor that genuinely cares for their patients and their concerns. I am so disappointed in the time and money I invested on a doctor this morning that gave me a typical answer I could have just goggled.  

Green Eyes wrote at 2015-04-07 16:29:39
I am possibly having a similar issue. I was 14 days late (did a urine and hcg quant at 9 days late-negative) when I started spotting.  Not even a gram every day for 8 days.  Nothing so far on day 9.  I will see my ob/gyn tomorrow and hopefully get some type of answer.  Almost 14 years ago I had a stillbirth at one week overdue.  8 years ago I had a miscarriage that I was told most likely was ectopic.  We will see how it goes tomorrow.

Gena wrote at 2015-04-13 20:02:56
This sounds like a similar situation I'm in. My last period was March 8 and my boyfriend and I Used condoms through out my entire fertile window, but I think one broke. I'm not 8 days late with 2 negative test and one VERY faint positive. I've went to the doctor and they of course made me pee in a cup to do the urine test, and of course it was negative. I feel funny, swollen breast, smell sensitivity, I'm tired all the time, and frequent urination, and where my uterus should be is hard. I thought I might have been constipated but I've always been regular with bowel movements. Along with my period, my period was always every 30 days on the mark, never late. I'm worried that if I am pregnant then there might be something wrong with the baby if not seen to right away.  

d wrote at 2015-04-23 04:01:23
Same thing for me last period sept 8 2014 had all the symptoms. but took 2 blood test both negative and a urine negative doctor would not do ultrasound. Paid to have private clinic do ultrasound and they saw sac and embryo. Went back to doctor and refused to look at ultrasound took another blood test and was negative now i would be 32 weeks have fetal movement gained 41 pounds stomach is huge cant get doctor to do more than take a blood test. Last one told me if I was pregnant my body must have obsorbed the baby. Yet bought good fetal doppler getting three heartbeats one between 122-125 another 134-136 and the other is usually around lower 130's and still cannot pass a pee test to say positive I am concerned been to three doctors with no help. They think it is a false pregnancy or i just want it so much i am convencing my body they wont even listen to the doppler

mschach wrote at 2015-04-26 09:32:22
I am currently experiencing every pregnancy symptom possible except for the missed period, but I still had a period when I was pregnant with my other children as well. I'm one of those strange women you've read about who still get a period. Anyhow I've been sick for at least 6 months, fatigue, back pain, sore breast, breast have gotten bigger, nauseated all day everyday, feeling movement and kicking, and have the round belly of a pregnant woman but my pregnancy test is negative. I have bought a fetal Doppler and can hear a heartbeat and the placenta. Even had an ultrasound and there was a sac but no baby inside. The ultrasound tech said it may be too early so I retest again in a couple of weeks. Now I'm worried the baby may be growing in my abdomen instead of my stomach. This whole thing just feel so weird.  

wishfulmommy wrote at 2015-05-05 04:20:59
Like most of every other woman here, I am so relieved to come across this forum. I have spent the last 8 weeks searching and searching trying to find an answer. March 8th was the last time AF has shown her face, and here it is May 5th and still no sign of her since. A week after my missed period for April, I took a hpt on April 16th and on the clear blue digital it read pregnant!! I was so excited I was literally in tears asking myself "is this real?!" So I immediately scheduled an appt with my regular Dr for later that day and had a urine test as well as blood test, both came back negative :( back to tears only this time from disappointment. Over the weekend I continued to feel nauseous and tired, so that Sunday I decided to take another hpt, another clearblue, this one said pregnant 1-2 weeks! So again I got excited and decided to schedule an appt with an obgyn. So that following Wednesday I go for another urine and blood test, just for both of them to come back negative again! She told me the level on the blood test was less than 1. So she deemed me not pregnant. But here I am, 8 weeks late on my cycle, feeling several pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, lower back aches, pelvic area feels heavy, some cramping, increased appetite, mood swings, hot flashes, food cravings and sensitivity to smells. I'm 25 years old and this would be my first pregnancy, so I'm new to this experience altogether. However, I'm very in tune with my body and although all the tests and drs and people are saying I'm not pregnant, I FEEL pregnant. I feel a little crazy, but every time I try to dismiss the idea of being pregnant and try to tell myself "you're not pregnant get over it" I have a gut feeling that keeps fighting it and saying "no, keep looking, there's a baby there waiting for you to find it". I'm giving AF a chance to show on May 8th when she is due again, but if she doesn't show again, I'm demanding an ultrasound. I hope everyone finds the answers they are looking for, and I'll be sure to repost with mine. But just remember, you're not alone!  

Jolisa. Sweets wrote at 2015-05-25 23:46:31
I've been going through something similar...... last normal flow was March 13th. Was intimate around ovulation and AF Was six days late in April. It lasted 3 days as opposed to the normal 5 And was very light. Had all symptoms except nausea.  This month (May) AF came on ttime or at least I thought it was AF. I spotted for ten days. Lower back continued to pain and slight cramps. Since I've stopped spotting my boobs are more solid with slight tingling off and on. Mild headaches and one serious dizzy spell the other day. All tests came back negative.  Doctor won't do blood work because he's convinced I'm not pregnant.  I've scheduled an ultrasound appointment for Saturday please God.  Hoping for Great news.....  

Sarah wrote at 2015-06-03 04:12:59
Hi everyone!  My last period was march 28th and I had two positive home pregnancy tests the end of april.  My boyfriend and I told our family.  I was eating more tired a lot belly growing belly hard boob hurt a bit peeing a lot also and a tinge of nausea.   Well today I woke up with a lot of pain then went to the bathroom and noticed blood.  Then a tiny clot....  I went to the hospital.  They couldnt detect the baby on an ultrasound urine or blood test.  Confused the hell out of me.  Im so lost.  Now the bleeding has stopped but I have a weird taste in my moith and acid indigestion.   Do u think I miscarried??? Or could I still be pregnant???

Keri wrote at 2015-07-31 14:55:54
In reference to this post I had mirena removed April 23 of this yr had a regular period may 28th missed my period June 25th again missed a period yesterday I have always had a regular period went to the doc yesterday Nd had a quantative blood test done the doc called me back today test Came back negative followed by all the at home pregnancy that also came back negative I am so confused I know and feel that I am preggos food cravings Using the little girls room over Nd over more frequent no nausea but also the top of my abdomen is hard nd have been having issues sleeping on my side everyone keeps on also saying that I am glowing hell I even ha the doc feel my tummy Nd she had a confused look on her face it was funny I am just so confused Nd glad I found this forum it eases my mind to find out I am not the only one 7 weeks late Lmp my pregnancy app says I a 9 weeks preggos I am debating on getting an ultrasound or wait the 2 weeks like the doc says

Dor82 wrote at 2015-08-19 12:50:43
Hi ladies :)

I have been scouring Google for weeks to find a forum like this one. So, glad to have stumbled across this webpage :) soooo I am not crazy after all. I am a 33yo female, and a mother of 2 wonderful kids. Since June I have been getting pregnancy symptoms e.g. fluttering/pinching on my left side, mild cramping, spotting/very light period last up to 3 days 2 months in a row, twitching boobies etc..I have 5 HPT, all came back negative. 1 urine test at the Dr's, came back negative, 1 blood test, came back negative. That was 4 weeks ago. If I am pregnant I should be around 8-9 weeks this week. Some day I can feel 'heavy' in my uterus, and I have been getting mild tugging/twitching cramp on my lower abdominal. I am very moody, and I also noticed a light Linea Nigra below my belly button. I was told that for some women it never fully goes away. So, I don't know if it's my imagination or my body is tricking me in to believing I am pregnant. My conscience tells me I am pregnant but after several BFN I am reluctant to do another HPT incase i get disappointed. I am going to wait for few more weeks. If my belly get bigger then I will schedule for an U/S :) Thanks for this website. I now know I am not alone. By the way, whilst typing my response to this thread, I can feel tugging/cramping on my lower abdominal. Wish me luck ladies. Baby dust to all. Much love - Dor

kit wrote at 2015-12-10 16:56:12
I am dealing with samething, 7 negative hcg tests, but I have growing stomach, they did pap smear in October and a thyroid test and all normal, they did an ultrasound October but to early, they did see a sack, I am not sure who to turn to, because my OB thinks I am nuts.

kayk wrote at 2016-01-10 02:53:14
Hello everyone. . I've been experiencing similar things to what I have read in this forum. & I'm not sure where to turn. Really needing some advice. My last period was Sept 9, 2015. I was in the hospital at the end of that month due to some other issues they did a pregnancy test. Never said anything about it until I was leaving which another nurse asked if anyone explained the test to me. I was in shock & repsoned with no. She proceeded to explain that I had a false positive blood pregnancy test. . & asked if I was on hormone medications. I told her no. & she just said to follow up with my primary doctor if anything changes. So at the end of October no period I took severAl hpt & all came back negative. Went to my doctor explained the situation he did a urine test & blood both negative. It is now Jan 2016 & still no period. I'm experiencing weight gain & abdominal pain & tender breasts. I've taken a ton of hpt all negative my doctor tells me to watch my stress & wait patiently for mother nature but something just doesn't feel right! Any suggestions of what to do next please & thank you!

Ccmina wrote at 2016-06-29 04:36:03
I was late and thought I was pregnant when I went to my ob. They said blood and urine were negative so I went to seeyou pcp endocrinologist. 12 urine tests and 5 blood tests laTerri they swore I wasn't pregnant. I went in for an ultrasound to check for cysts because of cramping and found out I was I weeks pregnant. I didn't test positive on any test through the my oregnancy.

Ccmina wrote at 2016-06-29 04:36:09
I was late and thought I was pregnant when I went to my ob. They said blood and urine were negative so I went to seeyou pcp endocrinologist. 12 urine tests and 5 blood tests laTerri they swore I wasn't pregnant. I went in for an ultrasound to check for cysts because of cramping and found out I was I weeks pregnant. I didn't test positive on any test through the my oregnancy.

LattyB wrote at 2016-11-05 15:48:55
My first pregancy I experienced all the pregnancy symptoms and took hpts turned out negative still had all the pregnancy symptoms mind u I was 18 at the time wasn't in tune with my body at all.... I was very emotional and nauseas and had food aversions and cravings. I had light periods until 14 weeks when I finally went back to the doctor a different one referred by my older cousin when I told her I was having irregular periods by the time I went back to the doctor told him what was going on took another blood test he called me with the best news that I was 3 and a half months pregnant. But then I had my daughter by the time I was 29 weeks and she weighed only 2 pounds 4 ounces I never ever looked into it again now 14 years later me and my husband have been trying on and off for years and for the past 3 months I've been feeling pregnant ever since my last real period finished I just have this instinct that I'm pregnant and I have all of the pregnancy symptoms the worst is the sore and tender full breast that been sore tender and full for about over a month now. I had two months of painless short 2 day spotting that was light pink and now I'm waiting on my third persons to coke which I believe won't come at all. I feel like it's the same exact thing that happened to me when I was pregnant with my daughter. Before my first pregnancy I suffered from irregular periods and then after I gave birth to her they started coming every month 28 days apart my over the years I developed a fibroid which my doctor says is no harm cause of the size but I did experience the most painful mentrual cycles that lasted 6 days. So I'm just waiting to see how this mentraul cycle is going to go and I usually know when I'm ovulating because of all the discharge I get but this time I didn't get any discharge just cramps that could also be round ligament pain or pain from fibroid and pregnancy. I'm just confused and wondering if it happened to me the first time if it will happens the second time. It's rough going through something like this. My daughter says my belly changed it's more rounder and higher when before it was just fat and jiggly lol and around the pubic bone area is huge and egg shaped. I did an u/s over a month ago and the tech said she saw a lot of gas and my doctor said all he saw was the same fibroid from 2 years ago that didn't change in size at all. I did a blood test about 2 weeks ago and it came back negative my doctor says I sound like I'm pregnant by the way I'm describing what I'm feeling I told him what I went through with my daughter and he says to come back in 2 weeks for another blood test. So I'm going to wait for a missed period and then go back. I just don't feel like I'm going to have my menstraul cycle this month. Fingers crossed  

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