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bonnie wrote at 2007-10-10 05:15:12
I had my tubes tied cut and burnt in 2000 and here it is 2007 and I got pregnant and had a miscarriage and my obgyn went in to see if there was baby in my tubes and when he did he ended up removing both of my tubes completly because they were so damaged from not only growing back but continuing to grow all enlongated and twisted, they are in the lab right now getting tested and he couldnt even tell if there was a sac or anything stuck in them cause they were so damaged

texas wrote at 2008-10-14 01:14:38
I had also had my tubes cut and burt in 2000.

Here it is 2008 and I just had a sonogram and guess what they found my right side tube re-attached and now I am healthy and pregnant with number three.But I am glad the human body can do unexplainable things.

ljo wrote at 2010-04-26 03:19:58
There are many cases that I know of where one of the tubes have grown back together and the women have had a successful pregnancy !

kelly...... wrote at 2010-09-27 22:17:10
i have to say, you may been practising for 26 years but does it mean because you have not seen a case which the tubes have grown back that it can-not happen??? well 2006 i was sterilised after having 3 c-sections, my tubes were cut and tide..march this year (2010) i fell pregnant, which turned out to be a hetrotopic pregnancy, i had to have surgery to remove them, during that surgery, both left and right tubes were removed... i had the hysterosalpingogram x-ray done last week..(20/09/2010) to check that my tubes had not come back, to the doctors shock my right tube has grown and attatched perfect so i now have a healthy tube?? my doctor and few others are shocked themselfs... so its not impossible, things in life do happen that we will never understand.. never say never, i hope this helps all you other ladies going through the same as me...

angel wrote at 2010-12-03 22:45:03
I am 37 years old and had my appendix removed 2 days ago i also had my tubes tied in 1996 and the doctors that removed my appendix asked me are you sure you had your tubes tied i said of course I did. they said well and gave me pictures they took of both my overys and my follopians tubes my tube have healed and grown back they also told me I could get pregnant I was pregnant 7 months ago i took a home test a faint line of positive i did have a misscarage as well but i do have the pictures of everything the doctors gave to me i am healthy other then my appendix anyways that my story  

Julie Neel wrote at 2011-03-12 01:52:42
my daughter at age 12 had two uterouses and the right one only had a right tube and the left one had a left tube. she had to have surgery at age 12 removing the left uterous and tube.  now she is 25 and just had a dye job to see what was going on while she was trying to get pregnant and found out that she has a left tube now...and we know for a fact that it was not there before when she had this surgery.  So how can she have a full set of tubes now for the remaining uterous????  If they do not grow back or regrow?

dr.k wrote at 2011-04-08 23:43:10
i'm a physician and i never thought a fallopian tube could regrow until it happen to my wife.  it's amazing.  her tube was completely removed during an ectopic pregnancy and now has regrown based on a recently HSG.  her ob/gyn cannot explain it.  

Miracle_Mom wrote at 2012-05-05 01:08:36
I had my tubes clamped at the age 27 and then in 2009 I found out I was pregnant again.  Due to the fact I had my tubes clamped postpartum the doctor felt that something went wrong with the tubal or my tube erupted.  I waited for 8 weeks postpartum to have my next tubal ligation.  After the surgery my doctor found that I had grown a third, fully functional Fallopian tube, with fingers and all.  The doctor acted as if he won the jackpot while I was scared to death.  He told me that this only happens in less than 1 percent of the population and he asked to document it within medical history.  Moral, nothing is impossible.  If it's supposed to be, than it's supposed to be.

leslie4bb wrote at 2013-04-06 07:25:26
There is very little information online about this, I would like some suporting documentation.

Here is why: by the end of March 2010 I had a salpingectomy of my right fallopian tube due an ectopic pregnancy that was over 6 weeks developed. Once the surgery was done I received the explanation and some pictures of the actual surgery from my former doctor, he had removed my entire tube along with the embryo leaving the the right ovary.Now, beginning of April 2013 exactly 3 years later I was diagnosed with a 2nd ectopic pregnancy so I had to undergo another salpingectomy of my only tube (left) However, after the surgery the surgeon Said that he was surprised to see that my right tube is there, he said he followed it from start to finish.... isn't this amazing!? I asked him if it could have regrown but he said "no" with a very "it's-just-impossible" kind of tone. It there any supporting documentation of the possibility of the regrown of a fallopian tube? Please let me know where to find it.I am entertaining the idea that this might be my 3rd chance to conceive naturally an might even be a viable pregnancy! Thank you in advance for your help"

Miracle wrote at 2013-09-04 14:17:45
I had my tubal ligation in 2007 post birth of my daughter. I found that I was pregnant again in 2009. My doctor wanted me to wait 8 weeks post partum since he felt my tubal may have not taken but after surgery I was found to have grown a third fully functional fallopian tube. My doctor had me sign a release to document the occurrence but I can't find the information on any other females and I'm worried I may grow another tube. Any information is appreciated

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Cathus wrote at 2017-03-21 01:39:01
46 years of age, with both tubes taking away for medical reasons. doctors says my eggs are not fertile anymore, praying to God for a miracle, ivf very expensive.

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