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momtobe wrote at 2007-08-17 16:37:23
I have heard that it is better to ween yourself rather than quit cold turkey. Mostly because of the stress that it puts on your baby. so say you smoke a pack a day (or close to), it would be better to get down to just a FEW cigarettes a day and then it will be easier to quit altogether from there.

emtonfire wrote at 2008-10-06 16:25:53
I do understand the answer of quit, however, I was one of those women that was told not to with my first pregnancy.  The proof that smoking causes birth defects is much lower than the proof of stress causing miscarriage.  Quitting smoking can cause significant stress to an individual, especially a woman who is already hormonal.  Cut back to lights, (if you don't already), buy a cigarette you hate the taste of. Try and cut back, but if at anytime you find yourself stressing over it.  Smoke it. Another good choice is American spirit, cigarettes, they have minimal chemical additives  and to most taste horrible, so cutting back is much easier and helps alot.  Whatever you do don't use nicotine replacement drugs or patches.  These will be absorbed twice a quickly by your body and actually do more harm in the long run.  Good luck!

Callie wrote at 2012-01-17 22:01:55
Everything emtonfire said is WRONG.  I'm mortified that anyone would claim that stress from quitting smoking could cause a miscarriage.  Stress does not cause miscarriages.  Think for just a moment of all the pregnant women who endure horrible stress while in an abusive relationship, or working 60 hour weeks on their feet, or worse.  These women go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies.  Smoking, on the other hand, is PROVEN to cause birth defects and leads to life-long health issues with the child.  If you are pregnant and smoking, quit now.  If you can't quit, call your doctor or find a medical expert to help you find a way to quit.

render_k wrote at 2016-01-19 20:20:09
Callie YOU are wrong!! Miscarriages CAN happen because of stress! And I as well was told by my DOCTOR NOT to quit smoking but to reduce the amount that I did smoke; which I did. What you don't understand is that the "proven" side effects of smoking in pregnancy are side effects of A LOT of smoking while pregnant; like a pack or more a day. Get your facts straight before bashing others!

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