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Im 45 years old and want a career change into programming. Will a certification get me a good paying job? C++? SQL?

Do I need to learn object oriented programming first? I no nothing about programming. I am a beginner.

I have no experience.


Hi todd

Indeed certification will help you for getting a job but before going to object oriented programming you must know what is called as procedure oriented programming. If you are a beginner i will suggest you to go for so Microsoft Software like Ms Word, Excel, power point from which you will gain interest in computers.

Then you can go for software development try to learn C language first. That is a prcedure oriented language try to find out some drawbacks of it learn to develop a simple game, graphics etc.

And finally when you are good at it and liked it you can go for C++ and after that for JAVA.

Learning is a slow process you cant learn in one day it will take time so you have to keep patience. That's it have a happy development enjoy.


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