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I was a flutist all my life, but I used to rent/play the oboe as a teen to get the orchestra parts.  This summer I bought an $1900 Vento 800 series (model 8906) oboe new for $1000 on Amazon. I also bought 4 new reeds and a Rico reed case. I played it once for 20 minutes(long enough to realize that I should stick with my flute and forget the oboe idea), cleaned it and put it away.  The company I bought it from wouldn't take a return because I waited longer than a month.  
So last month after many relistings, I finally sold it on Ebay for $599 and free shipping.  4 days later, the buyer contacts me saying, "Today my son had oboe lesson, His teacher,a professional oboist, said this oboe has something wrong with it, the sound made by oboe has a leak. If fixed it would cause around $400. Can i return the oboe?"
What I'm hoping you can tell me is this:
Have you heard of something like this before?  What causes a leak in an oboe?  Can it really cost $400 to repair a leak? How should I handle this problem?  I'm in Maryland, and the oboe is in New Jersey.  If my buyer returns the oboe to me, I now still am stuck with an oboe of unknown value in need of "repairs". I'm out the $1000, plus accessories, and if it's a defect, how do I find a reputable repair company in the Annapolis MD area to look at it and document that it's a defect so that I may return it to the manufacturer?

Dear Robin

You have had an unfortunate time with this oboe. I confess I no little about them except that I believe they originate in China and are pretty good for the money.
My advice about the return is this. Don't do it yet.

If the teacher is a professional oboist and has found a fault in it he/she could probably put it right with the tweak of a screwdriver. You have to find out what is actually wrong that would cost $400 to put right. If it an adjustment problem then I would expect the teacher to do that. Leaks can usually be corrected by the player/teacher. we have these problems constantly in everyday use.

The truth is this the oboe is notorious for getting out of adjustment and most players will be adept at adjusting the system. If it has a leak this should be easily put right unless the instrument has cracked. This is unlikely as this model is made of a plastic material.

If keys have been bent then OK it may need some more expert repair. But $400 seems a lot!

If you have accepted the oboe back again then you can send it to someone to look at for you. Try Ann and Steves Woodwinds in Baltimore. Website: http://www.annandsteves.com/Woodwind_Repair.html I am sure they would look at for you.

Hope this helps a bit. Let me know how you get on




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