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Hello Hannah
I was wondering if you could tell me what a good intermediate oboe would be that is still plastic or resin? You start to get overwhelmed with so many choices and my teacher really wants me to have a left f for sure and a low Bb if possible. I hear good things about Yamaha and Fox but what about Armstrong or the ZRL from Linton? Any advice would be great.

Meg, since you are in Canada, it would be prudent for many situations to have a plastic/resin instrument. I can reply in further if you would send me more details about the age and level of playing of the oboist. What brand of oboe do you currently have for your family? Is the plastic oboe for a beginner or an upgrade? The Fox and Yamaha lines of oboes are outstanding and have plastic options. They are also easily resold in the secondary market. I would avoid Armstrong, ZRL from Linton, and a host of other brands that are more difficult to resell. You may pay a bit more going into the purchase of a quality oboe, but it will give you more consistent service, and hold its value. The fox 333 is an equivalent key model to the entire line of 441 Yamaha oboes.  Some teachers want their students to have the articulated b/c# mechanism. The 441 and 333 oboes do not. The Fox 330, 300, (both plastic) 450 (top plastic, wood bottoms) all have this mechanism. All of the oboes I have mentioned so far have the left hand F, low Bb, F resonance and more.

Fossati makes a beautiful intermediate oboe J10 with all of the above and it can be fashioned with a plastic top and wood bottoms. There are other oboes as well like the Howarth S20 and S40 that come with "VT" Velvet throat lined tops which is also helps in discouraging cracks.

I would like to recommend the following website links which offers objective information for persons in the process of purchasing an oboe/EH, as well as general oboe/EH information. They are wonderful resources for an oboe/EH player.

Martin SCHURING, Professor of oboe at ASU (link)  This is a wonderful introduction to oboe with Hugh Downs as the narrator.     This a 60 minute detailed informational guide to oboes, by the United States Army Field Band Oboe Section. The information on oboe costs is slightly outdated, but the introductory information is quite useful.

Happy to continue our discussion.....hannah


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