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Hi Geoffrey,hope you are fine!

1.I've heard some recordings of Luca Vignali and I think his tone colour is absolutely fantastic! Do you know his reed measurements,lenght of the scrape,total lenght of the reed etc?

2.How should I organize my programme plan for oboe students in the junior school in every grade? What are the requirements in the UK or in France f.e. about how much should some oboe student learn programme and which pieces in third grade of the junior school for example?

3.I have some Lignatone and Amati clarinets and flutes by myself.They are in a solid playing condition but are over 30 years old for sure.I want to sell them,and what do you think,which price can I get for each of these instruments?

I'm waiting for your answers!
Best regards!

Dear Richard

I am very sorry that I don't know of Luca's reed style at all. I am ashamed to say this. He is a very good player indeed and does make a lovely sound. I think he plays on a Bulgheroni but I'm not absolutely sure of this. I will ask one of my Italian oboe friends and see if they know. If I find out I will get back to you.

2. A good guide to the programme for attainments by age or experience can be found by accessing on line the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music  Woodwind syllabus. When I taught I would use these examinations but not as a programme of scales, studies, pieces that had to be achieved. A guide though it is. I used to start pupils at the age of about 10 years old minimum but nowadays with Junior Oboe models it is possible to start younger than this. The French ideals are not know to me at this level.

3. Older Lignatone and Amati flutes and clarinets are not hugely sought after so their value is not great. Amati intermediate flutes new in the UK sell for around 400. So I would suggest no more than 100 Euros each if they are in great condition. Bear in mind I am not a flute and clarinet "expert".

Best wishes



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