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Oboe/English horn reed dimensions


Hello Geoffrey!

I've recently found a reed setup for the oboe that I can live with which I guess turned out to be a pretty standard flexible European short scraped reed: 10.5 diameter cane gouged at 58-59, RC12 shape, Chiarugi No.5 45/46 mm staple, 10 mm U-scrape, total length 25 mm past the staple.
Now I want to start making my own English horn reeds as well, but since I've never done this before I don't really know what measurements to start with. Judging from the Le Roseau Chantant reeds Iíve been playing on so far (which I think are shaped with the RC1) I would prefer a slightly narrower shape, perhaps with more parallel sides. This is because I want more projection in the sound which is too smooth/ĒlameĒ for my taste when scraped to a controllable thickness. I will of course ask Dimiter about the shapes, but other than that I think Iím looking for a pretty basic setup using Chiarugi No 2 staples which Iíve been told suit my instrument/bocals well.
So: With my oboe reed setup in mind, what dimensions would you recommend me to use for a typical European style Cor Anglais reed? And is there anything particular I should have in mind when making reeds for the Cor? These are basics I know but trying to find the "standard" through internet search can be mighty confusing!

Thanks in advance,


Dear Markus

Your oboe set up looks great. I guess you playing a Marigaux? Sorry if I'm wrong!

I don't think I can really help here because I have NEVER succeeded in making a good cor reed.
I hardly play the cor as oboe is mainly what I am asked to play. I do play it of course and enjoy it but I always buy reeds for it I am ashamed to say. It's really a time thing. I don't have enough of that!

If you can send me an email address I will get in touch with a professional cor player in London I know who will help you I am sure. I will send her your email and if she agrees to help she will get in touch directly.

Best wishes and sorry not to be of more use...


Just remembered that I didn't give you my email address to contact me! I am sorry.....
It is


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