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Hi Geoffrey,

I am a oboe student looking to buy myself an oboe of a good standard. I have been searching and like the look of a Cabart 74 Model but I have heard that they are more for students who are learning to play. Is this true? What would your recommendation be on a good quality intermediate-professional level oboe?


Dear Alex
The Cabart is a very good oboe. It is made by Loree as their intermediate oboe. It lacks a few trills and what not but is still very  good and would take you a long way even to College and beyond if that's what you do in the future. A pupil of mine had one through sixth form and through RCM.
There are other models to consider though. And other ideas  too.  If you can afford to and the desire to go on with it then go for a full pro model from the start. It us worth it in the end if you can go that far.
If however that is too much to spend consider the following oboes. Howarth make  model the S45 which is very good. Marigaux make the Strasser model again which has the typical dark. Marigaux sound but I think the Howarth probably edges it if you get a good one. Having said that the standard is pretty consistent with all the makers these days.  Not to be forgotten is the Rigoutat Delphine. Another very good student oboe. Not easy to find but reall y good and  with la full system is the Fossati Thiery oboe. These are extremely good value instruments which play very nicely.
Why not pop along to Howarths or Crowthers and try some of these out. Sometimes there are some fine second hand pro models  which might be interesting Both these dealers have lots of choice in used pro oboes.
If you do go down the Intermediate route you can be sure that the value is maintained when you come to upgrade -  which you inevitably will!

Best of luck with it anyway and if you want to join the British Double Reed Society see our website and PayPal will take your 15 for a student membership. You then qualify for discounts on reeds at Howarths and Crowthers!!!!!!  Sorry about that. I am the Treasurer.



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