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Hi,it's me again with some new questions which I've forgot to mention:

1.Should I make reeds with micrometer and is it better and why?
2.I've heard that Maurice Bourgue and Emmanuel Abbuhl both have and make some strange noises in their throats when they are playing.Do you know perhaps why and what it can be?
3.Perhaps I should put braces on my teeth now and have it about a year.Does it have any negatice effect on my playing and could I play the oboe with braces on my teeth?

Again thank you so much and best regards!


Dear Patrick

Here I am again too!!

1. Making reeds with a micrometer can be very useful as long as you don't try to make them to a pattern.
What is useful is to check you have the same dimensions on each blade but I find using an illuminated plaque just a useful.
A guy in Norway makes them and they are a great tool. (www.apdoublereed.com)

2. Sometimes noises are caused by the soft palate vibrating but I have heard both these players close to and didn't hear anything strange!

3. You CAN play with braces depending on how smooth they are.
Your embouchure will be slightly different but you can get used to this with practise. Don't use too much pressure and bite the reed and you should be OK.

Best wishes



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