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Andersson Selmer Oboe
Andersson Selmer Oboe  
A friend has acquired an old Selmer Sterling oboe with serial number 3012 stamped on both main parts.  As a clarinettist I find it difficult to advise him how much to sell it for.  It has no reed and one of the overlap key mechanisms is slightly bent, though not irreparably so.  I also understand from other posts that it may not have a hole/key for additional low notes, so that may have to be fixed to render it saleable.  Can you advise if it needs the extra note for resale and if so how much to repair and advise him what it may be worth . . . . ?  Thank you in advance.

Dear Paul

What you have there is a basic Selmer thumb plate oboe probably of 1960s vintage. It has simple octaves, a C/D trill key on the top joint only, no forked F but it does go down to the bottom B flat. I am not quite sure what extra hole you are thinking of. Perhaps the bell hole which is a feature of most more modern oboes. This is to tune up the bottom B flat as the overall length of the oboe is now slightly longer which is fine but this extra mill or two makes the bottom B flat rather down in pitch. The extra oboe tube length does improve higher notes though so is now adopted by all makers. There are some basic Selmer oboes which only go down to bottom B and these have a bell hole to tune that note or it would be too flat.  You will notice that this oboe has a padded cup linked to the left hand pinky key giving the B flat.

The fact of a missing reed is perfectly OK. Oboes are never sold with reeds. These are much of a personal factor for the player. Anyway, they last only few hours unless you are very very lucky!!

If the oboe plays fairly well it could be of interest to a school or Music Service at it is a beginners instrument.
The price these sell for is about 300 - 350 I would say. Of that area anyway.

Repairing should only be a "make it play" type of repair. Anything more could be quite expensive and not worth it.
If you need a repair person let me know and I will advise you. Contact me on : geoffrey@geoffreybridgeoboe.com

Hope this helps



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