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Oboe/Cabart oboe - purchase from Ebay?


QUESTION: I'm looking at a Cabart A.Paris oboe on sale on ebay for $695.  Reportedly no cracks, but air leakage when played per seller. Minor adjustments needed. The bell has Cabart A Paris, a galleon, b, # and a BACKWARD natural sign stamped on it. Serial number BB1580.   Looks clean.  Is it worth taking out on approval and returning if not good?  Excellent seller reputation on ebay. Why sell at $695 unless there are major issues?  Possibly a real good deal? Thanks!

ANSWER: Thank you for the email. It would be helpful to know the age and level of the person who the oboe is intended for. The old Cabarts (pre Loree) are average instruments; low resale value. If you decide to have it on a trial basis, will you have a professional oboist/instructor available to evaluate the oboe in person? Ebay sellers often embellish descriptions of instruments so act cautiously.  If there is an oboe repairman specialist in your are, I suggest you have the oboe evaluated by this person as well. Happy to reply in more detail upon the receipt of additional information about the oboe's intended use.

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QUESTION: Thank you!! I'm an older student - returning to oboe after many years not playing.  I'd say I'm a decent player - not great, not horrible. Want to play duets with other wind players. Not professionally. Currently renting a resin instrument and wanting wood. Based upon your answer I think I'll spend more, and get better quality.  Sure don't want lots of repairs on an average instrument.  Thanks again for your quick reply.

Thank you for the additional information. I agree that it would be wise to add a bit more to your "oboe kitty" and purchase a reliably built oboe that is more current to the playing styles of the musicians you will be wanting to join. Be patient and informed - try before you buy is critical. I am confident you will secure a beautiful oboe that will be of great service to you. Best regards, hannah


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