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Oboe/Oboe reeds for Patricola oboes.


Dear Geoffrey,

I previously played on a Loree oboe many years ago. I played on KGE reeds last before stopping around 2010 due to time constraints.

Recently I picked up the oboe again & purchased a Patricola oboe. For a start, I went back to play on KGE reeds again. However, I realised that they were not very suitable, intonation wise. Sharp F#, G and G#

Patricola kindly informed me that for their oboe, Chiarugi 3 staples with 10.5-11mm diameter cane would be suitable. As I am unable to find suitable reeds for the oboe, I have decided to make my own. Most, if not all reed makers that I know of, make reeds with staples having narrower bores than Chiarugi 3.

I used to make reeds previously for a short while until time disallowed it. I would think 47mm staples with a finished length of 72mm for A=442Hz would be a good place to start. Which shapes would you recommend that would be suitable for these oboes? Also, would a rieger profiler be suitable?

Thank you very much for the help in advance.

Warmest regards,

Dear Andrew

Good for you starting again with the oboe. I do hope you enjoy renewing your playing career.

I haven't much experience with the Patricola oboe I'm afraid which is my loss. I just have not tried many of them as they are quite rare in the UK.

Using a commercial reed though. If you were to order reeds from KGE for the wider bored instruments you should be OK.

Go to his website and find the reeds he recommends - with the staples that suit - for the bigger bored oboes. The Howarth or Loree Royal for instance. Ask for his regular professional reeds GE2+ or Guercio D12 in his customised range.

For your own reeds though I think an RC 12 shape would probably work well if you decide to make your go down this route. Roseau Chantant are the suppliers in Lyon France. These are of course straight shapers to use on a Reeds n Stuff or Hortnagel machine.

The Rieger profiler is excellent and easily sharpened which a crucial factor in any profiler or gouging machine.
Tony Spicer in the UK makes a "mouse" to guide the sharpening of the Rieger blade. Very cunning and a safe device to use.

Best of luck



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