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Hi Geoffrey,

I have been playing exclusively on my own reeds now for over two years. My reedmaking is now quite consistent. Up until now I have been buying gouged and shaped cane from K.Ge. I know they use their own shapes, and I am interested to know what are the common shapes for those who play short scrape, as I would like to experiment and try different types of cane, which would be easier for consistency if I had my own shaper. It seems easy to find out this information if you play American scrape, but I haven't been able to find out what shapes are used by short scrape players. I prefer my shape to not flare too much at the tip, and I currently play on 47mm staples tied at 73mm, which suits my Marigaux 901 at A440.

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It is great that you are self sufficient in your reedmaking. Such a relief to be able to rely on your own efforts. Don't despair when the reed drought comes as it inevitably will. Just soldier on through it. One of life's little trials!!
A very common shape used in Europe and in the Uk is the Rigoutat -2 shape. It works well with Marigaux. Francois Leleux is a user and many others who play Marigaux. It is available online from Rigoutat directly. It is a blade that fits into a holder/handle unlike the huge variety of shapes that are straight and fit the Reeds n Stuff, Hortnagel type straight shapers. If you invest in one of these machines the variety is bewildering. I myself have experimented and find the Roseaux Chantant RC series good. They are made by Michel and will last years. The RC 12 is a good compromise. It suits the Loree staple well.  The RC15 is wide and interesting if you play second oboe a lot as low notes are great. High notes a bit flat. Of the R&S range (huge) I have used Berlin with success.
I have a list of shapes and dimensions on my computer but I am away from my desk at the moment and don't have it with me. If you are interested send me an email to and I'll send it to you next week.

Best of luck and for what it's worth the kge cane is working well at the minute so I would stick to that for a while.




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