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QUESTION: Hi Geoffrey,

I'd like to ask for your advice. Usually I use the RC11, 11mm, and I like this setup. Just now, I try the Rigoutat -2 and I find it nice too, with somehow broader sound than the RC11. So maybe I want to try some wide shape. How about RC13? How is compared to Rigoutat -2? If you think I might try this shape, what would be the tying length for 47 staple? With -2 rigoutat I tie on 75 and finish by 72, do you think this is fine?

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ANSWER: Sorry Billy I missed your message until just now.

I think you are on the right track with tie on length but as I always say tie on until the sides just close one turn of the binding before the end of the staple. That is the tie on length for that shape and that staple dimension. With a good staple, well made and consistent the tie on length will be very nearly laws the same. Sometimes the one bends more than other cane according to its density and you may find a tiny variation. There golden rule should be followed though. No overlapping and crushing of the canes past the end of the staple. You obviously always need the side to close so there are no leaks.

The sizes of the shapes is very close between the RC 13 and the Rigoutat -2.
I have a feeling that the RC13 may not be available right now and the RC14 - which a slightly larger again by about 5 hundreds of a millimetre - still is.  These shapes were made for them by Kunibert Michels but now Im not sure if they sell them separately as they offer them (RC 11,12,13, 14, 15 and 22 )with the shaping machine form Reeds n Stuff as a package.

Hope this helps and again sorry for the delay in replying to you.

Best wishes


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QUESTION: Hi Geoffrey,
Thank you for the reply. What cane do you suggest? Now I only play on the hardness tested cane from oboeshop.de, and sometimes Rouche.. I find these 2 quite consistent, but maybe you could me tell me the other good brand. How about the Lavoro cane?

Best regards,


I have some Turkish cane from Lavoro and it works well. I bought this in gouged pieces from oboeshop.de.
Try some pieces and see how it goes. Mine were a little soft for what I like I think.But they made reeds and that's great!!

I also like Fabre cane and have used K-Ge directly from China with good results over the years. As also Alliuad and Neuranter!!

Cane is so variable though and by the way I usually buy it in tubes and process it myself.

Best of luck.



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