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Oboe/Selling my pre 1946 Cabart Oboe


I read your post to the other Cabart owner, my oboe has all the markings, the galleon, A Paris, and the flat, sharp and natural note.  I have not played in years and decided to put the instrument into someones hands that will make use of it.  I have owned it since @ 1970, my parents purchased it for me in New York when we lived there.  I am trying to figure out where to best market it for sale and what to ask.  I understand condition is important, the instrument itself is in fair to good condition.  It probably needs servicing due to years of no use.  I have the Cabart case but it is in poor condition.  Any help you can provide would be appreciated.  Parting with it is difficult.

Dear Seth

These old Cabart oboes can still have a very useful life if they are in good condition. It might be as well to have the oboe overhauled and put in top condition if you can find someone to do this for you.
Or send it to a dealer who has a repair facility and will do the work for you prior to attempting to sell it.

Here are a few bigger dealers that might do just that.

Charles Double Reed Company (based in New Hampshire)
Forrests Music (based in Berkeley, CA)
Midwest Musical Imports (based in Minneapolis, MN)
RDG Woodwinds (based in Los Angeles, CA)
Mark Chudnow Woodwinds (based in Napa, CA)
Aria Double Reeds (based in Maryland)

There is also "" trading from: eCygnet,513 9th Street,Selinsgrove, PA 17870 They offer a service of selling. Look at their website.

There are cheapish cases that will fit your oboe. It might be best to ask your seller to recommend one for you.
A good clean case makes a world of difference and of course how the instrument plays to its desirability. .

Don't expect too much for the oboe as alas these are really now classed as Historic oboes. They are still a good way of someone beginning their oboe playing career so there is a market. What it will fetch on the market is difficult to know without seeing and playing the oboe. I am sure any of these guys will help you put a price on it .

Best wishes



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