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I have a vintage Loree oboe that I am thinking of selling. It was made in 1922 I believe, is pitched in tune to today's standards as I've played it in a community orchestra, and it does have the plateau keys (it's not a ringed model), the low Bb key, the split D key for the right hand ring finger, the banana key for that same finger, and all the necessary trill keys...basically the only keys that it doesn't have in relation to modern day oboes is the left-hand F key, the third octave key (although I'm told that this isn't really a necessity), and the Bb resonance key on the bell. The oboe is also a bit "skinnier" than today's wider/thicker oboes, and on each section is printed "L77" (although its hard to tell if there's an "H", or some other letter before the "L", as it's quite faded on each section. The oboe is in excellent condition, with only a couple repaired cracks. Can you tell me what a ballpark estimate would be for an oboe such as this? Is this a professional instrument? It was made in Paris at around 1922, and has the original case.

PS what would happen to the value of this oboe if I were to modify it by adding the extra keys mentioned above? Would it increase or decrease the value?


ANSWER: George, thank you for your note. The oboe may be worth a few hundred dollars due to the age.  It may have some value for a collector.  The left hand F is actually quite important for modern day use. The installation of the left hand F could cost as much as the oboe value so I don't recommend adding it. The oboe is a professional level instrument, but the silver at this point is probably quite soft and sizing pads for servicing might present a challenge for repair persons.  I hope this is helpful. Thank you, hannah

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Are you sure it's only worth a few hundred dollars? I bought this off of ebay in 2010 from a band director for $2200, and he said that it was played in the Chicago Symphony. It is a professional Loree oboe, after all.

George, I always caution folks when they are attempting to buy oboes sight unseen via Ebay. Did the seller tell you when the oboe was used in the Chicago Symphony? What decade? Perhaps by which player?
It's still a 100 year old oboe, and the secondary market for such an instrument is quite narrow.
The bore has been restyled as well as the general design of the instrument esp. the fashioning of key mechanisms. A 100 year old oboe will have a different tuning core than an oboe being played side by side that is current. The silver is soft and the wood is more brittle.
I provided you a general value....No left hand F, Crack repairs, 100 year old instrument....It's not an oboe I would recommend for the general population; possibly as I mentioned a collector. Yes, it is a professional model, but the model has been superseded by models with innovations that players want and require. The ultimate value is what someone will pay you for it.  The traffic for such an instrument is low. Thank you for your follow up. hannah


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