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Hi. I have recently been given an old selmer 4707 oboe which is approx 50 years old. I am curious to know the value of it. It does need some repair as it hasn't been played for years. It still has the original case. I am grateful of any information you may have on this.
Kind regards

Dear Gemma

First of all let me apologise for taking such a time to get back to you. Your question was buried in amongst a load of emails after a time away and got overlooked.

I see you are a UK resident as I am, so that the Selmer oboe in question will be a thumb plate student model from the 1960s. It has simple octaves and needs a bit of refurbishment - certainly the top joint looks like its tenon could do with some tlc!

These instruments were imported by various dealer including Leslie Shepherd, Bill Lewington and so on and the name Selmer added. Lots of them were actually made in Italy and came on the market as Howarth B models and the like. There was a shortage of student oboes as the boom in instrumental teaching in schools had just begun. Boosey and Hawkes made a plastic student model very similar to yours in their factory at Edgware which has long since disappeared.

The value of your instrument is probably around 500 in good order. Much depends on how it plays of course and how "clean" the keywork is.
The nearest potential repairer to do the joints might be Peter Hepplewhite in Gateshead. (07905 586492). More a clarinet person though he is a member of NAMIR and should be able to put your oboe in good order. Windows in Newcastle I don't think do specialist repairs although I'm sure they would help if you phoned them. I would try Peter H first as a woodwind specialist.  Alternatively Andrew May in Edinburgh is excellent and a double reed man.

Anymore help? Do get in touch with me at:   chair@bdrs.org.uk or geoffrey@geoffreybridgeoboe.com

Best wishes and again sorry for the late reply


NAMIR -  is National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers. They have to pass a test to get this accolade!


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