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I just moved to the UK from the US for postgraduate study. I've been making "long-scrape" reeds all my life, and want to make the change here. I'm having a little trouble finding suppliers that ship to the UK (all the companies I used in the US, except Forrests Music, really only ship within the US - surprise!). I need gouged and shaped oboe and cor anglais cane,  which I'm told are differently gouged than in the US. Additionally I need 47 mm gold-plated Rigoutat oboe staples. Rigoutat says they're currently out of stock, and was wondering if there are any other distributors. I also would like to know of good companies to order knives, plaques, etc. I could still keep using Forrests for that sort of thing, but would rather not have to incur international shipping charges if I can help it! I've looked at Reeds N Things, but wanted to know of any other good suppliers that ship here.

Thank you for your help!

Dear Hilary

Sorry to be  a bit late I have been away from home.

I have shipped from the US from time to time without a problem.
Anne Hodge is certainly one and Roger Miller Reeds (ROM reeds) is another. I use his reeds myself on occasion. I have also had made up reeds from Premiere Reeds in Arlington VA without problem.

I have only ever had gold Rigoutat staples from Rigoutat themselves and can't tell you of other suppliers -but try Kreedo or both in Europe. Try googling these companies they have extensive catalogues.

Howarth of London are major suppliers of all things oboe - reeds, cane knives, the lot! Their stock changes often so have a look there.

Now, I am not absolutely sure if you want to change to a European style of canes or stick with the long scraped US style. Sorry that wasn't quire clear to me. In Europe there are many many suppliers of cane but gouged and shaped in a European way. Kreedo, Jordanov, - all supply swiftly and reliably.

If you would like to email me for more information please do so at :

Have a great time over here and best of luck with everything.



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