Hello. I'm very interested in learning tarot. I want to know how to give accurate readings through card. Where do I start? What are the best cards to use..tip? advice? any info is useful. Thanks

Hi Simona!

Tarot is an intensely personal pursuit.  While many start with the Rider Waite and most beginner tarot books use it for illustrative purposes, it's not the end all, be all.  Once you have the basics down, branching out into whatever tarot deck strikes your fancy is important.  

There are lots of beginner books out there, even really helpful "Tarot for Dummies" and the like.  The important thing is to branch out and listen to your own intuition more than the memorization of the card meanings.

And a friend's website  http://365daysoftarot.com  is a great start because it gets you thinking about the symbolism of the cards rather than the book definitions.  Rebecca has also started a radio show you can listen to online.  I was a recent guest and discussed the symbolism of the Major Arcana in depth.  

Hope this helps!


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