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QUESTION: hello dear,
i want to know if psychics can really predict future? I have asked about my situation to many different psychics, but all of them gave different answers and made me more confused. Some say i will marry my lover some say i cannot. I wanted to know how do these psychics operate and function? is it different from astrology ?
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ANSWER: I don't believe that any psychic can predict the future.  They are not tested or certified in any way for their authenticity.  Many have proven to be tricksters, using techniques as "cold reading."  It is done by things as careful listening and observing body language.  It has convinced many people, but it is a trick.  Psychics cannot tell you who you'll marry; rather, work on a sound, healthy relationship. Your life and future are in your hands.  Don't go by what a psychic says.  You determine your life.  You must make good, rational choices.  Psychics are nothing like astrology.  It is a very complex discipline. (I know,  I am taking a course in it!) It is based on charts and figures. What does a psychic base their readings on?  A psychic may seem to reassure, and they are someone to talk to, but you are the one who charts the course of life.  You create your future.

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QUESTION: Thank you for sharing your thoughts..I feel exactly the same. So that means we can rely on astrology? And the predictions made?

I'm not an expert on astrology (it's a lot of doing to do that!), but there's a lot that goes into s chart--how many planets are in a house (at a particular time), what the planets mean, and time calculations.  I think I'd trust an astrology chart more than a psychic reading.  A lot goes into a chart.  I read tarot cards.  I don't claim that they are supernatural, but I have found that they can offer insights into a situation that are helpful.  I have a background in Spiritualism and have seen people give "spirit greetings."  Personally, I trust those people because I don't think they have learned any tricks.  (I've seen six-year olds give "greetings").  If you do things are "scrying" (or using a crystal ball), I think the insight is more about you than anything.  It is a tool into the subconscious and that, I'd say, is true of any kind of divination.  I have known Pentecostal ministers to give "psychic-like messages."  I've also known them to see the other world, even demons, "in their spirit." It is possible to "know things," or have supernatural insight; however, this is based in the Divine, not psychic ability.  A psychic commented that maybe psychic ability and the Divine are on and the same.  That is debatable.  A psychic ability is "developed" (or so they say), but Divine insight/revelation is from God.  It's where the "power" comes from: God or the psychic. Genuine revelation comes from God.  It is not "developed," it is a gift of the Spirit.  


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