Occult/ghost boxes?


As you know, there seems to be more and more devices being invented for communication with 'the other side'. You can even buy 'ghost boxes' now, and people are posting their findings on youtube.
I just spent some time reviewing some of the possibly more valid ones, and I have come to a conclusion.
It seems to me that that the other side is another dimension, very close and probably interacting with ours. It is in this realm that spirits reside, and these spirits are recently passed over and havent moved on to other more far away realms-heaven? As a Catholic, the concept of purgatory, or the waiting place, comes to mind. I think that demons also occupy this realm. One reason we pray for the recently departed is to give them the spiritual energy to move 'up' to the light, or heaven.
Also, I think that earth is a school, and unless we die early, we are expected to grow in wisdom and especially love, so we can graduate someday!
I would be interested in hearing your opinion on this. Thanks, and God Bless!

The spirit realm is definitely another dimension. I don't think of it as a geographical place, as in the sky. I think it's in our midst. Patrick Matthews has many insights on the spirit realm, which are similar to Swedenborg (see his Heaven and Hell).  I think that spirits are at different levels, some higher, others more base.  I don't believe in demons, hell, or purgatory.  Spirits are at different places, with their own lessons.  Grace extends beyond death,so there is always hope of redemption.  


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