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I had a dream last night that has really freaked me out all day today. I am not the sort of Person who strongly follows religion or occult etc, my father is a Wiccan and my mother Jewish, but they are not overly religious people either. I am 24 year old man with a full time job, and a girlfriend who is 4 months pregnant.
So anyway

The dream went as follows
I am being tormented by some sort of evil spirit... It does everything to upset me .. In fear I call out for Baal or Bael.. I know the name from the lesser key of Solomon book which I read a few weeks ago. The first demon really stood out to me and I felt a strong draw to Bael, the symbol, the summoning etc.. Back to the dream .. I call out for Bael and the evil spirit mocks me , saying he will be no help.. I feel a bright flash of purple electricity and an overwhelming feeling that summoning demons is real, as if I didn't fully believe it until now.
Bael appears but I do not see him, just feel the presence ...but he comes with sadness and evil.. I see massive waves crashing against a shoreline.. And now I call out for a spirit to save me from the storm.. I sense "the number two" and "the protector" although I am not sure what this is.. White light all around.. And calm

Then I wake up shaking and sweating and its 4.15am .. I wake my girlfriend In a panic.. The dream felt so real
All day I cannot concentrate at work , I am quiet, withdrawn and not myself.. I leave work and drive alone .. I meet up with my girlfriend and nearly break down in tears trying to explain my day.. I just don't understand.
I  am not normally such an emotional person ; but I feel on the verge of a mental breakdown...

What does it mean?
What should I do?

I need answers :(

Thanks in advance

There is a psychology to most dreams.  Whether they are predictive or deal with actual demons is conjecture.  Possibly, your reading the Lesser Key (why do you read this?) influenced your dream.  Dreams can be influenced by anything.  Likely, this "demon" is indicative of something stressful or trying.  Dreams reflect deep feelings and emotions.  Is there something "pursuing" you or that "mocks" you?  It might help to write your dream in a journal like a story(which it, basically, is).  A dream is like a fantasy--you play all the parts.  Each aspect represents things inside you.  If you analyze the factors of the dream, you'll get insights to their meaning.  I suppose it is, theoretically, possible that you contracted something sinister, but it is not likely.  We like to think that our dreams are exciting, mysterious, or exotic.  Some psychologists do a kind of "free association" with dreams.  You could say, "A demon is chasing me."  What next? Where is he chasing you? Why?  Think about Baal.  What does he look like? Does he resemble anyone? What does he want? Why is he there? Do you feel threatened? Why? If you feel threatened, how can you resolve it, or what can you do about it?  The dream is telling you about things that are happening in you.  


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