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Wanted to get your perspective on this idea. There seem to be human laws and higher laws of nature. Human laws could be corrupted, bribed and broken.However higher laws of nature operate on a balancing mechanism in which we reap what we sow or the good and bad we do to others comes back to us with in. In such, one cannot rob or commit a crime against another without having the same act come back to that person with time and that good and bad we sow has to balance.
Higher laws of nature are superior to human laws.
Is there truth to this view. If so can you provide me with a deeper perspective.

ANSWER: Human laws are created by societies, to protect and preserve (theoretically) the rights of citizens.  They are created by statute and by case law.  There is a "higher law," which I think is evident in the order of things.  In the Declaration of Independence, it said we are "endowed" with laws by our Creator.  Such laws are unwritten, inherent in creation.  If we abuse laws of nature, we pay the price.  Genetic research may push the envelope of natural law.  This "higher law" can be brutal in its consequences.  Joel

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer.
What are examples of the higher laws and where did man decode the higher laws from?
Can we prove the higher laws and understand its workings

I don't think the "higher laws" are "coded." I don't see
them as occult or mystical (though they have been seen that way).  They are more inherent in existence.  Jefferson wrote that we are endowed by the Creator with certain rights (life, liberty). However, even that may have limits.  I know same-sex unions are a popular cause, but the natural order is for a man and women to propagate.  This is not social custom, it is biological fact.  It goes against nature and our "political correctness" may upset the natural balance.  You may call that hate, but it may upset the natural balance.  Respect for race is also a natural law.  Racical identity is part of who we are, personally and biologically.  A child from a white/black union is neither white or black, with features of both.  It could threaten the future of the white race.  This is not hate, it is fact.  One should be proud of one's racial heritage and it should be maintained.  If blacks can be proud of being black, whites should be proud of being white.  


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