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Occult/Mysterious knife or letter opener


Knife or letter opener
Knife or letter opener  

Knife or letter opener
Knife or letter opener  
I purchased this item at a thrift store. I cannot find any matches on the Internet. The item is heavy. The color is copper or bronze. Feels like brass but I am not positive. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. I have attached 3 photos with my inquiry. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

If you'd like to explore this knife further, search "antique knives" or "collectible knives" online.  You could also show it to a good antique dealer.  You might check Amazon and see if they have any books on collectible knives.  Its age, condition, and history--what it was used for--could be quite significant.  There's a website for a society of antique appraisers that might help.  You type in "antique appraiser organization." I have seen TV shows like "Antique Road Show" and you can get a history on about any collectible.  Your knife does seem to have an interesting design,  though that's about all I can say.  If you have a museum nearby, you might get some ideas there.  A person who might be able to help is Kathy Cuff, who is archivist at the Vasa National Archives in Bishop Hill, IL.  Type "Vasa National Archives" into the search engine.  That should get you to her.  Show her your pictures.  She might have some ideas.  Joel


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