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Occult/Spiritualism as a source of history


There are several periods of British History for which there are few if any conventional sources.  Would it be possible to use spiritualism to contact people who lived at the time to find out what was happening while they were alive?


This may, theoretically, seem true and writers have used spiritualism as a way to do history.  Susan Lander, an American psychic, writer, and radio personality published a book where she "interviewed" persons from history.  The problem is verifying the information.  To be valid for historians, the data must be verified by empiricsl evidence.  Information from a medium is the weakest of evidence.  If a communication comes from Richard III, how do you know that it is, in fact, Richard III?  You can't prove such a thing.  People seem to believe that if a message comes from "beyond" that it is sound. It's not.  A medium could  be talking off "the top of their head."  It could be all their imagination. No historical data is valid if it can't be empirically verified.


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