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Dear Joel,

I hope you can help us with this. Our situation is getting harder and harder. My older niece has decided to stay in old school, and my younger niece is getting more and more upset because she can see her old school when we go to pick up my older niece up or drop her off.  She sees all her close friends playing there and she can not be with them. She always cries that why she had to leave the school.  My younger and older niece were in the same school together. Out of the sudden, a week before school starts, the principal told us that my younger niece could not go to fifth grade and we had to remove her from school. IT was a very huge shock to her and her sister and all her friends. She is keep going back to old school and with her tiny hands pray that the principal changes his mind and allow her to go back to old school. She always says that she wants to talk to principal and tells him that she will study harder and get good grades. The school has started and we had to separate the two sisters and put the younger one in a new school. That has caused us a lot of financial and emotional situation that we have to deal with it every night. Still, I am praying day and nigth that the principal comes to his right mind and allow my younger niece to continue her fifth grade there. His reason is that my younger niece is not ready for fifth grade. She has come all the day to the forth and finished it good. She studied all summer the math and reading of fifth grade to be ready. She got a postcard from the shool that she was in fifth grade and out of sudden, a week before, the principal called my sister and said that he has changed his mind and wants my younger niece to repeat forth grade. This is total nonesense and the whole school is in shock.  Every body has gotten mad at him, but he has such a stubborn nad nonsense mind that did not change his mind. Can you please please please pray that he will change his mind and let my younger niece go back to that school? You do not understand how much it will help us financially and more importantly emotionally. My younger niece keeps going around the old school and crying and praying that she could go back any day. Again my younger niece is Tina and she is only 10. Her name is Tina and the principal's name is jim.  

Thank you so much for all your prayer and you do not know how much it means to us.


What is this question about? Going to a school or repeating a grade? This has nothing to do with the occult.  This issue is between you and the school.  If you have a problem with the principal, talk to the superintendent or a member of the school board.  They are the ones to help if you can't get anywhere with the principal.


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