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I invented a small device that would decrease workplace back injuries by approx 60% is there a specefic safety equiptment manufacturer that would buy the idea instead of my trying to slug it out and produce by myself> I am of extremely limited income due to a workplace back injury and have no money to proceed with this product even though I know it would work>> Thank You>Ian


I would recommend that you first patent your idea prior to just selling your idea. Patents protect your idea from those who might otherwise take the idea without due compensation. After you apply for your patent, you receive patent pending status. You may want to hire a patent attorney if you cannot file the USPTO paperwork yourself.

From there, I would try to contact companies who make personal protective equipment. 3M and DBI Sala are two prominent companies who manufacture safety products. Remember to protect your idea or you run the risk of giving away a blueprint of your idea. Good luck.  

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