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With reference to health and safety policies, risks and harzards specified by industry codes, I have the following questions.
I work for a company involved in land development SIC 6552 and NAICS 237210.
How can one obtain a manual for specified health and safety concerns relevant to these industry codes?
Where can I obtain a sample quality manual for these two codes?
How can I identify specific relevant job harzards and safety policies specific to this industry code?

I can answer only in terms of US policy. This is a rather challenging question because US OSHA rules don't typically segregate by SIC code, however some SIC codes are excempt from some rules (recordkeeping for instance)

If you are engaged in the construction phase of development, then OSHA's construction standards, 26 CFR 1926 would apply.  Otherwise, general industry standards 29 CFR 1910 might apply.  Within the codes are hundreds of individual standards which could be applicable, all specific to the activities, hazards or chemicals or your activity.  These codes are available online at www.osha.gov

As for the quality manual, I cannot answer that, this is a safey forum.

As for specific hazards and policies, one would need to perform a risk assessment at the site to determine which rules apply.  For instance, excavation, fall protection, confined space, personal protective equipment etc.

The question you ask is very broad, so I hope you find this useful

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