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I am in California working for a railroad.  I have been cutting fiberglass gates (mainly outdoors) into the required length with what I believe to be inadequate ppe.  What is the required ppe for cutting fiberglass and are MSDS required.  Could you please include the regulation number.  thanx

Thank you for this question.

Refer to 29CFR1910.1000 Table Z-3 & 1910.1200 HCS.

All fiberglass products have MSDS forms generated and you are to have access to the forms so you can see what is required. It must be available to you on-site.

I recommend to my contractors to provide safety glasses, face shields, dust masks/ respirators, gloves, tyvek suits when handling firberglass materials.

I hope this helps.

Occupational (OSHA) and Environmental Hazards

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