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I am asked to provide steel toe, puncture resistant, slip resistant safety boots for 10+ Federal workers. One lady is demanding steel toed tennis shoes or low cut steel toed shoes, not boots. Working area is a active construction site on uneven ground. Directors are concerned for twisted ankles or other injuries by providing shoes and not boots. thank you.

Donald, I'm not sure if there is a question there, but if your company requires employees to wear a work boot, then they must follow that direction.  As you stated, it is a construction site and a work boot is the appropriate PPE for the site.  Not only will a work boot provide better ankle support on uneven ground, but they can also protect against puncture wounds, lacerations and other injuries that could occur while on a construction site.  I would tell the lady that you cannot accommodate her request and that if she can't wear the appropriate foot protection, that she should consider employment elsewhere.  I hope this answers the question.  If you have further questions or need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks

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