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Can you tell me where I can get a listing for South Carolina's class codes?

Subject: South Carolina Class Codes

Question: Can you tell me where I can get a listing for South Carolina's class codes?

Answer: I am assuming that you are referring to the NACIS (North American Industry Classification System) which have replaced the old SIC (Standard Industry Classification) system of classifying various industry. I believe you will find that these are in use in most states and even many foreign operations, thus the classification for your state would be the same as in Oregon or even Maine. For many years these were used primarily for insurance purposes and accident statistics  - your rate was based on your classification. OSHA has adopted the system so as to be able to compare "incident rates" so that one business such as a sawmill is compared to other sawmills and not someone building office furniture or manufacturing carpet. For a comprehensive review of the classification I would suggest you start at:


If you are interested they even have papers among their references such as:

"Clarification Memorandum No. 3, Classifying SIC Auxiliary Establishments in NAICS"

If you are talking about some other type of rates then I will need further information to provide the correct response.

Michael Brown, CSP Retired

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