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I work a a warehouse that has an inner wall axcess between receiving and shipping. Forklifts reachtruck and stockpicker travel through is inner doorway. The space is 10 feet wide, and with construction going on in the building management is have pedestrians cross thru it to go to break and leave at night. I was wondering if there is a minimum amount of space that forklifts and pedestrian can travel safely. of couse not at the same time because the opening is big enough for that. But it seems like there should be a minimun distance. thanks Lee

Thank you for this question.

It has been my experience (I work a lot of automotive plants) that a 2 foot rule between forklifts or any kind of motorized equipment and pedestrians. It might be wise to station a spotter at that door during high travel times like you have described.

I hope this helps.

Occupational (OSHA) and Environmental Hazards

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