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Hi Robert, we have bad construction around this apartment complex that is built for disabled and people over 55. We have hugh holes in the ground where someone could fall. My neighbor fell in one ditch on the side of the sidewalk and fell all the way down a hill. She now has a shattered ankle and had to have surgery to have a plate put in. The apartment complex is doing nothing about it. I have pictures to document all the problems and safty hazords. We are all mostly old people here and it is becoming bad for all of us. My husband has now fallin 3 times and broke his foot. This is a new complex still under construction and have already rented out the apartment. Today the swiming pool gate is tied open and left. No one to keep it secured. We need some kind of help here.

Thank you.

Carolyn I hope your husband has a speedy recovery from his broken foot.  You have numerous avenues for relief from the unsafe practices taking place at the apartment complex you outlined.  First and foremost, I would notify the apartment complex's insurance  carrier of your husbands injury and outline for them the conditions at the complex.  The apartment complex is liable for any injury that occurs on their property due to negligence of any contractors they hire to perform work.  The insurance carrier for the complex would be very interested in any hazardous condition that could cause injury and would have an incentive to get them corrected before more serious injuries occur.  You may also want to contact the city's code enforcement department to notify them of the alleged violation of safety rules and file a complaint.  Every construction job has to have a building permit and conditions of the permit must be met, including providing safety measures to protect the general public.  There are also TV stations that have investigative reporters who could bring the problems into the light and possibly get them corrected.  It is ironic that a place being built for disabled people is disabling people by their unsafe practices.  I hope I steered you in the right direction for getting some help.  If you have additional questions or need more information, feel free to contact me.  Thanks

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