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where do i get this information looking for the recordables for a couple different sic/nacis codes thanks.

Subject: NACIS 2013

Question: Where do I get this information looking for the recordable for a couple different sic/nacis codes thanks.

Answer: Robert - The best source of the information you are looking for is"

Bureau of Labor Statistics at: http://www.bls.gov/iif/oshsum.htm#06Summary%20News%20Release

However the site is not always working as it should, the amount of material is huge and time-consuming. There is also a lag of one to two years as they gather and publish the data - I would not expect the numbers for 2012 to be available until late this year or early 2014. Unfortunately if and when the site works it is an excellent source and the one I normally use. All you can do is go there and hunt. You might also try the "safety" department of you worker's compensation insurance carrier as they should be able to furnish the needed data. I hope this assists you in finding the information desired. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to ask.

Michael Brown, CSP Retired

Occupational (OSHA) and Environmental Hazards

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