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I reside in a government building where there is a break room
with two swinging hinge doors used as an entrance.  These hinge
doors parallel those used in the stock rooms of grocery stores.


My company shares this building with other companies and
government workers.  The building manager has placed our
coffee maker in this break room.

When leaving the break room with our coffee mug,
we have to exit out these doors while holding our coffee
mug with the hot coffee.

These doors are frequently being opened and closed during the
day, so everyone has to be careful when approaching them,
especially if you have a mug of hot coffee.

This situation does not feel safe to me in terms of having
to get coffee from the break room.   I'm afraid of colliding with
someone while carrying the hot coffee mig.

Can you tell me if the building manager is in compliant with
OSHA guidelines in terms of the placement of the coffee
maker in this break room situation?

Thank you,

Steve, I am sorry but there is insufficient information to answer the question. A lot could depend on such things as the placement of electrical outlets, availability of water, etc. OSHA generally does not address such things as placement of coffee makers. I was in a paper mill in Washington when a state WISHA inspection took place and in several areas ALL electrical appliances (even employee owned) because they were not properly grounded. Again I am sorry I can not answer the question with the given information.

Michael Brown CSP Retired

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