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I am curious which kind of bioluminescent dinoflagellates glow the brightest of these three.      Pyrocystis lunula, pyrocystis noctiluca, and pyrocystis fusiformis.     Thanks :)

I don't know the relative brightness of the three species off the top of my head. If Google doesn't provide an answer for you, my advice is to email Mike Latz at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (you can drop my name, Randy Patton; say hi) to ask him.

I do know that P. noctiluca is way brighter (100-1000 times) than another common phytoplankton, Gonyaulux polyhedra, which I believe is associated with the red tide phenomena we get here off the coast of Socal.

I worked with P. noctiluca that Mike cultured for us when he was at Santa Barbara. We were testing the feasibility of an expendable bathyphotometer (measures bioluminescence).



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