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I have another year of high school left and have been thinking about what I want to go to college for.  My interest is Marine Biology/Oceanography.  However, I live in the Central US and do not have many choices for those types of University programs and will not be able to afford to move out to one of the coasts.  

I was wondering what alternatives I would be able to pursue that would still keep me near the marine biology/oceanography career path.  I was hoping that there may be a comparable career, and with a little luck and experience, I would be able to cross-over into Marine Biology/Oceanography field later on.

Thank you for any help you can provide. :)

Hi Jodi

You don't need to move to the coast to pursue your goal of eventually working as a marine biologist or oceanographer.

Most working professionals in these fields received specialized academic training and experience AFTER earning a BA or BS degree in a more generalized field.  With a strong GPA and good recommendations, you could then be eligible for a graduate program at a coastal school specializing in your field of choice.

What would be best for you is to select a good school (like the Univ. of Wisconsin or of that caliber) in-state for your undergraduate work.

The ideal undergraduate coursework for these two fields differs, so it would help to decide ASAP whether you want to be an oceanographer or a biologist.  If the latter, you obviously would want to earn a degree in Biological Sciences.  For the former, depending upon your interests, you might major in chemistry, physics, geology, etc.

Good luck...  


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